Friday, January 15, 2021

Saved a bit of summer for winter

 A little bit of canned summer I prepared and made from last season. It was well worth it and very nice with my homemade almond and peanut butter spread too. Only I prefer my strawberry and mulberry mixed jam for this. Soooooo good. If only the good parts of life can be saved as well and enjoyed during those times where its not so pleasant.

Here we mostly see some of my process of making peach jam. I had made other type of tasty jam too. 

I basically cleaned and boiled the peaches till they were blanched. About a few minutes in boiling water. Then I took the hot peaches and poured cold water till they were cold enough to work with.

If they were nice and ripe peaches, the skin should slide right off. Cut the flesh off discarding the pit along with the fuzzy skin. 


Make sure you clean and inspect your jars beforehand on the day you plan on making your jam. Store them in a heated oven. On the most minimal heat to keep the jars pretty warm to almost hot. Must stay sanitized.

Then measure and grind/crush the peaches according to the instructions on the packet of pectin.

Then I placed the peach mush into a tall pot. I put in a pouch of pectin in. I mixed it all till I had a hard boil for a few minutes.

Then I took the tall pot of stuff off the hot ring to place the many cups of sugar in. Placing only a few cups at a time. Must have all that sugar! No if ands or buts!

 Me putting in all that sugar.🔺


After you finish pouring in the sugar. Bring the whole pot to a hard boil again.
Boil away till the mixture rises to the top a bit. Then you know you're done and you can remove it from the heat.
At this point put a table spoon of margarine in. It will reduce the foam to nearly nothing. At least you won't have to skim the top Afterwords. (a pain if you ask me).

Place it in the warm nearly hot jars and close the lid tight! 

If you are going to give the full jars a little rinse because you split some on the jar, make sure you use hot tap water. Don't use warm cause the jar can explode in your hand. Water you use must nearly be the same hot temp to clean as the jam inside.  

Then put the full jars in a canning pot est. This is good for first timers. But I just put the jars upside down in another pot of some simmering/boiling water for a few mins to seal the deal. Then I place them on the table to cool off. Jars must have some time to self-seal. You will know by the button on the lid. It will kind of cave in. Must seal, if not, you may run in to botulism in the future. Which is not a good thing.
An unsealed lid will make a clicking noise when you press the top.

Jam is good for a year and more. I have had some for several years with no problems. 

 Some of my finished peach jam placed in the fridge. 

Some of this year's strawberry and cherry jam with blueberries.  


My jams are delicious even if not perfect. Sometimes I do a bit of compromising depending on how much fruit I have and ripeness. The consistency of the jams varies.  Sometimes there's a bit of foam in with the jam too. But it's no big deal. Doesn't change the taste of the jam even it not exactly pretty.

I hope this helps and good luck in making yours. 😊👍
The box of pectin usually has very good instructions in them for beginners. Then there's always the internets for supplementing info.




Friday, December 25, 2020

Its a Christmas display Charlie Brown!

 And we got the rare snow fall for Christmas this year although in this pic there is none. Actually it was about 50 Fahrenheit in this pic I took a few weeks ago. Long before Christmas obvious. Oh yeah, these pics are actually pretty recent for a change. Only because I wanted to share with a friend who's totally nuts for Peanuts (The comic strip that is.)  This pic was the best one considering it was also an over cast day so sorry for the dark pic. Couldn't fix it any better with out the risk of overly doing the fixing. But I did PhotoShop an alternative version showing what it would look like with actual snow on the ground. But it looks like the display could use some TLC considering it looks like it could have been quite a while since this scene was painted. Cool none the less. Also I wonder if this was painted by the same artist in that neighborhood that painted these? A previous Christmas post. 



Original version with out PS snow. 


Version with PS snow.

Anyways Happy unusual Merry Christmas. A Christmas to remember indeed!

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Its almost spring?

 Alright! Its almost spring! .................................................In a few months. Sorry. 😁But seriously, its never too early for spring. Positive thinking people!  So in the mean time here's some lovely pics I took of our blue wisteria in a fresh spring bloom, last season. It was just loaded with carpenter bumble bees with desperate males following carefully behind the females.  So needy and always fighting for the rare and in high demand girl. A total opposite of what people in China have to deal with. 

Btw if you have any loose lumber hanging around your property, it is just as much like candy to them as are the flowers. The females build little hives into the wood, carving almost perfect door ways into them and then lay their eggs. They don't even use tools. Just their little pin sized brains, teeth and diligence. Amazing! 

Just as amazing, the little community they make in those pieces of loose lumber. Some info. 





Friday, October 16, 2020

The littlest library

 Another busy year of yard work. Bla! Now more then ever cause my dad is not capable of working on things the way he use to. Kind of gives one anxiety for the future and such but I try not to think about it. Try is the key word. 😟

Anyways here's a lovely pic of a tiny library a few blocks down from where I live. Taken some time last November. A month coming up. Oh goody....

Not usually any books of interest but every once in awhile you find an entertaining gem. but then I don't look too often because of time constraints.

Maybe that will change in the future with the new influx of people now coming to live in our city. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. 

Anyways here it is. 


Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Boston cream pie

Yet another cake. Made a few months ago. Still have a piece of it in the freezer. OK whats wrong with me not finishing the cake? Well can't eat it alone after all. Cake is meant to be shared after all. Nothing wrong with the taste so that's not really the problem. But you can use your imagination for the latter. 
It turned out really well and the custard in the middle is top notch. 
A successful tasty experiment. Yum! 


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Chocolate cake

Here's a pic of the last year's chocolate cake I made for my mom's birthday. Not bad looking but probably not perfect. It was a bit lopsided. But the sprinkles does make it fun doesn't it? How did it taste? Well it tasted great and chocolatey especially when you add a secret ingredient such as Nutella. OK not so secret but oh so decedent. I usually add a bit to anything relating to chocolate. It is the great enhancer after all. 😉😋


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Not a crop circle but a crap circle?

Lots of weird things happening. Like where did these wheels come from but just as disturbing or curious, where did my newspaper clippings go in my previous post? Was my blog edited with out my knowledge? No free speech? Wait a minute I thought this was a free country and not communism? What ever happened to emailing me first? How rude! 😡I had every right to show off the activity of my neighbourhood. Yup just another slap in my face via human society. What else it new. I mean its just a newspaper clipping from an already paid for newspaper. Its not like I was making money from this. I would never claim to have written that article. Just sharing people! Yeshhhhh! This is really starting to get old. What ever happened to manners? 😒 Rant over! 

Anyways there were these large wheels that suddenly appeared in the park across the street, some time two years ago cause that's when I took these pics. It was early in the spring when the leaves were just starting to come out. Hopefully I can show them here and you can see them with out the commies somehow taking them away. I mean what is this place run by the Chinese now? Yeshhh!  And yet people are free to harass us via email spam for phishing or any other country full of phishers. Would be nice if those people responsible for all those phishing attempts would be arrested and put a stop to. But Oh yeah punish the person who doesn't cause trouble or want it. Yeah! nice society! Yup we live in a opposite land. Punish the innocent but let the guilty run free. Second rant over! 😒

So yeah we had these particular wheels here, not sure what they were used for but they did make for some interesting objects in the park. Such as photo ops and this one guy would use them as make shift exercise equipment. But then who knows maybe aliens decided to mix it up a bit instead of the usual crop circles.  Humans after all are too boring "thinks inside the box all the time" to come up with anything exciting as crop circles and or something intricate. But we do have an opportunity to still learn how to be advanced or evolve, just might take awhile. Hopefully before we make ourselves extinct. 😉 Meh! 😝