Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Boston cream pie

Yet another cake. Made a few months ago. Still have a piece of it in the freezer. OK whats wrong with me not finishing the cake? Well can't eat it alone after all. Cake is meant to be shared after all. Nothing wrong with the taste so that's not really the problem. But you can use your imagination for the latter. 
It turned out really well and the custard in the middle is top notch. 
A successful tasty experiment. Yum! 


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Chocolate cake

Here's a pic of the last year's chocolate cake I made for my mom's birthday. Not bad looking but probably not perfect. It was a bit lopsided. But the sprinkles does make it fun doesn't it? How did it taste? Well it tasted great and chocolatey especially when you add a secret ingredient such as Nutella. OK not so secret but oh so decedent. I usually add a bit to anything relating to chocolate. It is the great enhancer after all. 😉😋


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Not a crop circle but a crap circle?

Lots of weird things happening. Like where did these wheels come from but just as disturbing or curious, where did my newspaper clippings go in my previous post? Was my blog edited with out my knowledge? No free speech? Wait a minute I thought this was a free country and not communism? What ever happened to emailing me first? How rude! 😡I had every right to show off the activity of my neighbourhood. Yup just another slap in my face via human society. What else it new. I mean its just a newspaper clipping from an already paid for newspaper. Its not like I was making money from this. I would never claim to have written that article. Just sharing people! Yeshhhhh! This is really starting to get old. What ever happened to manners? 😒 Rant over! 

Anyways there were these large wheels that suddenly appeared in the park across the street, some time two years ago cause that's when I took these pics. It was early in the spring when the leaves were just starting to come out. Hopefully I can show them here and you can see them with out the commies somehow taking them away. I mean what is this place run by the Chinese now? Yeshhh!  And yet people are free to harass us via email spam for phishing or any other country full of phishers. Would be nice if those people responsible for all those phishing attempts would be arrested and put a stop to. But Oh yeah punish the person who doesn't cause trouble or want it. Yeah! nice society! Yup we live in a opposite land. Punish the innocent but let the guilty run free. Second rant over! 😒

So yeah we had these particular wheels here, not sure what they were used for but they did make for some interesting objects in the park. Such as photo ops and this one guy would use them as make shift exercise equipment. But then who knows maybe aliens decided to mix it up a bit instead of the usual crop circles.  Humans after all are too boring "thinks inside the box all the time" to come up with anything exciting as crop circles and or something intricate. But we do have an opportunity to still learn how to be advanced or evolve, just might take awhile. Hopefully before we make ourselves extinct. 😉 Meh! 😝


Friday, April 17, 2020

Its a Sign!

Yup you guessed it. Its an actual sign. OK not terribly exciting but pretty neat to me. Last season in August, at the end of the month I think, but the actual news article got published in Sept. The park across the street finally got a new sign. It was since that time we moved in to this neighborhood, sometime in 1998 that the old one was knocked over from age. It was never really that durable to begin with. Just your typical wood used in a common wooden fence around someone's lawn. None the less the new sign is not much better from the original other then they added a reflective coating so you can reflect it at night with your car's headlights. I guess the city was trying to save some money. But did they have to place it in the exact spot the old sign was in? I mean every year there's a pretty huge and deep puddle in that spot because of unscrupulous bone heads who either park their cars there for a soccer game or take a joy ride though the park when we're all sleeping.  I wouldn't be surprised when one day I look out the window and see it knocked to the ground. Anyways there was a bit of a revealing ceremony soon after. Apparently it was in honor of some woman's father. Even had a footage crew, a reporter or two here along with the mayor and other family members. You can read it your self in the article posted here. As for whats happening with the world right now, lets not talk about it. Just enjoy some peace. 
Thanks. 😌

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Got geese?

Its almost spring! Hooray! OK its a few weeks from now but who cares! 
Anyways here's some more spring related pics of a couple of geese perusing the neighborhood in I think 2018. Not exactly top notch imagery but still fun. They remind me of lawn ornaments only they fertilize people front lawns. 😜😁 These were taken in my neighbourhood and they just went from house to house eating the finest lawn grass. They seem well mannered and adjusted. There were a few times where they seem to beg the neighbours across the street for food. I think it was my dad's fault. He did hand feed them a few times. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Not sugar plum coated.

This was actually taken in the early spring earlier in the year but its still perfect for this time of year I guess. That is if you really like the cold. I don't. I would rather be seeing palm trees then this out of my bedroom window. But speaking of bedroom windows this was simply snapped via ancient old digital camera. I think its one of my best so far using this simple tool. You have to be at the right place and the right time for this type of shot. It would definitely make a nice window dressing for your computer, that is if you like that sort of thing. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

a Meetso in a box

OK the cold weather is here. Time to retreat and migrate if your a bird. Just wish I was a bird and or I could migrate. Or hibernate if you're a bear. Meetso has the right idea. Time to hang out in a nice warm box Garfield style with a cushion of catnip to make it all better and go away. Only a few more months till spring left. Can't get here soon enough. Of course Florida would take care of all of it for good. 😉