Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A summer mantis

Spring is pretty much here. Soon you'll hear the little pitter-patter of little insect feet. In fact you might have already noticed some have coming out already. Like ants and little spiders. But then many of you can care less, let alone like insects and other bugs. But I like them, well except for things like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. I find those annoying.

Anyways here are some pics from last summer of a little cannibalistic insect called the praying mantis. Well it wasn't that little so I'm pretty sure it was an immature female, since they are much bigger then their smaller and taster male partner. I think she was a stage off from being a full fledged flier.

I originally found her crawling up the outside wall near the bathroom of our house so she was obviously easy to see. That green colour of hers really stood out from the orange brick wall.
So after I was finished looking at her natural insect beauty I left her in our garden on some lettuces. She does make a really great guard insect against those potential pests who would easily take over the garden if not controlled. If you're wondering I didn't take pics of her right away until I found her again on a little citrus plant in a pot a few days later. I'm pretty sure it was the same one since this one could not fly either. Guess she liked it here in our back yard cause she stayed there pretty long.

Again I don't have a great camera so I use what ever I have. I only use these pics for reference any how for my art work and what not. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wild Geraniums?

Just like to share a little something of things to come in the spring and or summer. Its actually more pics I took last year but its better then looking at more snow. Am I right? Who wants to look at more snow, feel more of the misery of below zero temps any how. But don't worry spring is just a few weeks away. 

Now I'm really not sure as to what flowers these are but to me they look like geraniums. They sort of smell like them too. But non the less they come up every year by themselves. No one in this household has ever planted them so I assume that they somehow got here via animal poop shoot or the wind. How ever they got here, I just love them.

My favorite image^

Monday, January 12, 2015


Well its 2015 and already we have all kind of crazy calamities mostly by people. What a non-surprise.  When are people as a society going to grow up from our childish ways? Childish as in being such as still exhibiting primitive behavior only one-up from acting like animals who by the way, live mostly by impulse. When are we going to stop living by the sword, dieing by the sword?
Don't you realize that two wrongs don't make a right? Harsh words and actions are like a sword but kind words are like a useful kind gift to soothe the heart. Really tired of stupid. 

On a lighter note I'd like to share this wonderful calendar I got one time on a Friday just before the holidays finished. It came with my Chinese take out. Thought it was chocolates at first but as you know well they're not big on chocolates. Opened it up and out came this really cool and colourful looking calendar with of course the characters of the Chinese zodiac. Although there is one character image that's a bit of a brow riser. You'll know what I mean. Not sure what they were thinking there.

 Enlarged so you can see your Chinese zodiac character^
Um yeah LOL^

Monday, December 15, 2014

More Burdock ?

Yep more Burdock. Guess I just had to take a few more eh. Of course they were taken earlier in the season but mid summer. I have a few more pics to show in better weather times but just have been busy with other things just never got around to doing that. For one thing I had to move my whole web site to another more stable place and wouldn't you know it they got bought out by another company and never so much as a simple notification. Guess I moved out just in time. Just never got a chance to use that special “site moved” page. Bummer and it was a neat one too. Then today one of the clip art places decided to sell exclusively only 3D models products thus kicking us 2D makers out. But not a total bummer, I never sold an image there any how. Meh! :p None the less I'm still keeping my account there maybe I'll make and sell those models in the future when I can get some software. I did work with Maya software at one time after all. But I may have to go with a cheaper alternative. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Never realized that I still had some old links to my previous places for hosters.
I have now updated the links to the new homes of my personal website.
Sorry about that.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy ThanksGiving!

Happy ThanksGiving!

Just want to wish every one a peaceful, a bountiful, a full of love and Happy ThanksGiving.
As many of you know its Canadian ThanksGiving. The Americans have it a month behind us but that's Ok. All that matters is that we celebrate the bounty we do have and be thankful even though some of us don't have much. In which case some of you are nice enough and generous enough to share that extra bounty of the harvest with others who maybe have a hard time to make ends meat to put food on the table. I say Thanks a bunch to all the good hearted even if you can't give a whole lot. But there are other ways you can share the bounty how about the stuff from your own body? I don't mean blood and organs although yeah those are good things to share as well, but there's something else that’s just as precious that comes from you that you can share. How about time and a listening ear? There are many people out there who for what ever circumstances, are needy in terms of a little friendship. They have no family, no friends and no other love ones and they dread days such as these. Many time or every day they feel excluded. So consider inviting them to your nice Thank'sGiving feast or at least some coffee time or a movie. You could make their month. Come on, you have so much friendship, some of you are rich with it. Consider sharing a bit with someone who's lonely and has a lack of.

Speaking of sharing, here are some nice pics of some wild red currents I found growing near my mulberry tree during the summer.

This just in. Another reason to be thankful for. A children's book that I illustrated a few years ago is finally out.
Its apparently called The AdventurousSunshine. 
Check it out. :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wild flowers and Evil Squirrels

Sorry for the long post.
Time for an update on my summer since I didn't do a whole lot of blogging cause of the craziness of it all. Yup it was crazy and its the end of summer. Boooooooo Hissssssss. But on the upside there are only a few more months till spring. I would rather avoid thinking about the misery months to some. That's what I like to call them.

Lets see, there was my poor kitty Meetso. He got really sick. So sick I thought he was going to kick the bucket. The poor guy got so sick he stopped eating all together. So I brought the poor guy to the vet. He hated it of course but at least he's not a mean cat. He does have great manners after all. So he had a blood test to make sure he didn't have any major diseases. He did not thank goodness. He ended up getting a shot and some antibiotics that I had to orally give him every day twice a day. Also not fun especially when you need two people and the person does not follow instructions well making the situation worse. But then finally he was all better. All up to snuff and a terror of his domain. 

Also did I mention my doves, my sneaky doves pulled another fast one and made two more babies. Didn't expect them and neither did I expect them to be speckled again. One white with peach colouring and the other white with regular colouring. I'll have to take some pics when I can. Probably when they're indoors for the winter. Bright little fellas. Btw they are boy and girl. They always come that way with doves. Also they learned all kinds of things really fast too.

A few weeks later if I remember correctly one night when I when to feed Meetso after taking my bath. About 3am I noised water on the floor in the basement. Not too unusual when its warm outside and cool inside especially downstairs. But then it was coming from underneath a door to the water heater room/ small storage. I go and open the door and there was water spitting out of a pipe onto the ceiling if you would call it that on to the water heater. I was a little worried that it might damage the tank. But I guess it didn't after my dad repaired it the next day. Luckily every thing worked find and the pipe hasn't leaked since.

Then we ended up find out we had a huge wasp colony in our fruit cellar. I first noised something odd when I went in there to get a pop. At first I thought it was another water leak of some kind. So went outside to see if there was a leak outside since we do have a water faucet there. But then I noised lots of yellow jackets coming in and out of a little hole in the wall. Hummmmm Then went back inside and I went closer in a corner of the room to take a so called closer look. I made some noise by knocking on the wall and sure enough realized that we have a very large and angry colony. I also noised that there was a certain spot on the ceiling where the drywall was very thin. I was very concerned about the whole thing but nothing was done about it till it was too late.
A few days latter mom was the unfortunate one to go there and take care of some business but didn't get too far. The wasps apparently finally broke thru that spot of concern and were now flying around the cellar. Luckily she didn't get stung. But unfortunately one family member got stung indirectly and unintentionally. Eventually every thing was brought under control and the whole colony was killed off as a result of a nasty and expensive insecticide spray. It was then after leaving the room to its self for a few days and pulled out a sample of the hive when we realized how large the mass yellow jackets were.
I think they were there for at least 2 years.

But of course as a result we had another problem.
Poor Meetso came home one night, the same night we took care of the big wasp problem. So he came home from one of his kitty adventures only to be licking his tail area profusely and acting strange. He ran straight inside like a cartoon kitty. He wasn't acting any better the next day and then after that stopped going out all together. Forcing him to go out and get some fresh air wasn't any better since I noised he would go nuts when any mosquito or other flying insect would land on his butt. No one believed me and I think no one believes me still that he can act so strange and all of a sudden. Of course I knew that it might be a possibility that a left over angry wasp had stung him at night when he when to explore the bushes at the front as he brushed by. So there fore any flying insect especially mosquitoes would send him in to a tizzy. He would even try to bite them in mid air. It was just crazy.
Well none the less this summer fiasco lasted several weeks. I think it was a month's worth of trouble for Meetso but just a few days ago he finally got out of it. He seems now back to his king of the jungle self. In fact he landed him self a tasty tidbit with wings the other morning. A morning dove. Unfortunately I found the evidence of his messy dinner all over his favorite dinning spot.

Speaking of things to eat did I mention the squirrel invasion? No I don't eat squirrels but I do or rather we as in the family like to eat tomatoes. In recent years they managed to eat all of our peaches but this year there was none. It was the bad winter we had but my dad mentioned that it also might be the age of the tree. So anyways the squirrels decided that they would help them selves to every beef steak tomato growing our vine, ripe or not whether it was too big to carry or not. When it was too big or behind a fence they would just take a bite out of it to claim it as their own. That was the last straw! That and the fact they then tried to eat all the seeds in my doves cage. Some how they little thieves got their little stick paws in there and snatched out every seed. By morning my poor doves had nothing to eat. Oh yeah did I mention they mooched all the wild bird seed I put out for the wild birds too.
So yeah, I decided that it was time to do something about the most annoying creatures ever besides mosquitoes and do something about it. I when to the store and bought a small trap. A nice little humane trap to trap the little buggers. So then I set up the trap which was fairly easy and filled it with extremely tasty things like peanut buttered bread, some peanuts, some acorns, sunflower seeds and a trail of bird seed leading to the trap. I set the trap in a small area next to our garage and under a pile of wood, piled up near a wall and then waited. I didn't wait long till it caught one of the little buggers.
My dad then helped me oust the guy leaving him at a nice wooded area with sparsely populated with people and farms. A really nice place for a bunch of little bushy tailed jerks. Too good for them really but what ever. So far I caught 4 of the little jerks. I'm still aiming for two young trouble makers still hanging around. So you heard me little bushy tailed thieves, I'm coming for you.

Oh and actually I do have one thing that wasn't so crazy that I found. It was another interesting weed that's edible. So I took a few pics of it. It looks a lot like rhubarb only its not.
Apparently its another European import called the Common Burdock.
You can eat the boiled roots in its first year and in the second you can boil and eat the stocks and flowers with some salt and butter. Neat stuff! Sounds way better then rhubarb any day. Yuck!
Oh yeah I heard you can candy the flowers or something. I guess for more uses go look for the info online of course. 

Burdock's just about to bloom. ^

Burdock's blooming. ^