Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just two nuts

Boy, some people drop F-bombs like pigeons drop crap on people's heads or perfectly clean cars.
I heard that there's an app now to know where all the F-bombs are let loose in the world on digital maps and its live too.
Fascinating I know. North America seems to be the biggest culprit. No surprise there.

Anyways on a walk not so recent. Meaning that it was a few months ago when the trees still had their leaves est I found these two nuts close to where the source tree is. They were two black walnuts still with their bumpy green coverings on them. Wow black walnuts! Love those things. Been looking for some for the longest time. But unfortunately the tree is owned by someone. So I have yet to find a park with some. So after I took a few pics, I went to the garage and found a hammer. I gave it a few whacks on each nut which was no easy task and got to the tasty goodness inside.

Oh and for those who have their minds in the gutter and or who are holding on to their pants, just stop, they're just nuts. ;p

Oh look one of them has a happy face. LOL
Found a rock like that once.  ;D;p