Sunday, September 27, 2015

Purple Trinity Flower

Well-p its officially fall. Thank God that its still summer warm. For now. But don't fret, its only a few more months till spring. The lucky ones who don't have to wait till then can just migrate south or you can hibernate like a bear. But don't, were not bears. Our bodies will make us pay for that as some of us know too well. Best thing to do is when it gets too cold outside is do a bit of exercise indoors when of course you're finished shoving the snow.

Enough of that depressing news well maybe a bit of anxiety inducing news instead. For some of us anyways. Besides the busy summer of yard work and other personal stuff, it was a stressful summer for my poor kitty Meetso yet again. Apparently he was getting to much calcium in his diet. Um no I wasn't drowning him in cow's milk, but I did give a bit to him as a treat now again. But apparently I was giving him inferior cat food. Its a major brand but I won't mention it unless you ask me in privacy.
I'm guessing it had way too much bone meal and other crap but I figure it still had some redeeming qualities for the price I had to pay. Guess not. Who knew that a can of animal guts with some vitamins thrown in for good measure, at times costs more then a can of tuna. I always thought those things were over priced. But then I also gave him tuna on occasion too as a treat. Maybe a combination of that set him off as well. So now for his main food, he gets the vet office brand. A 50/50 combination of dry food and a very boring flavoured with chicken, wet cat food. Chicken btw is his least favourite food. He still manages. He's a good kitty.
Since the crazy July he recently had a small blip. He got sick from a rabbit he decided to catch for dinner and eat whole. He left nothing but a few dark coloured guts. Yes he even ate the head.
The rabbit on the other hand had its revenge going down. In Meetso's haste to eat his prize, the bones in the meat I guess scraped his throat or maybe a small piece logged in there. But I think not. None the less, he lost his meow and his appetite. Took him a few weeks to recover. Some of the recovery took place in my bed room a few times in the form of big dark coloured hair balls with bits of grass in the smelly mix. Thank God it looks like he's now back to his normal cuddly self. That is until next time. Oh boy.

Now for my find that 's the title for this posting is named after.
Ok so its another wild flower I found. I don't really remember planting it in the corner of the garden but there it is. I probably found it originally in the park and took the seeds home. Just forgot about it until some time in June when it started to bloom. My dad actually thought it was a stray corn plant that grew there from bird seed that was dropped there. Luckily he didn't just pull it out like he usually does. (killed a plant that I was trying to grow for the last 2 years cause he thought it was a weed) Yes its edible, but I think in limited fashion. Not sure what parts, so you are going to have to look it up. How ever it does go by many names but I prefer the one in the title. It makes the most sense to me. A purple flower with three petals. I hope that I can collect the seeds and spread it around to the appropriate areas.