Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A tribute to my little buddy.
RIP my little buddy Dec 27 06 Had ya since 1987
Even with your nippy personality I've seen your sweet little side.

See you later Pretty Boy.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I kind of went to bed last night. Really late. It’s a bad habit of mine, I know but then again I have lots of bad habits that I kind of have to break. Its just so irresistible to stay up late since no one bothers you and its really peaceful and you can think about things and no one comes in to gawk and say that's dumb or don't be ridiculous or do the most annoying thing roll there eyes. I hate when people stick their noses in things they don't understand and then try to steer you in another direction because they think it’s the right thing. Well its not, not always. If famous artists and or scientists always listened to what others had to say which they thought was right where would these people be today.

Anyways like I said I was going to bed late last night and was in the middle of prayer and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large shooting star I have ever seen out of the bit of sky that I saw out of my window. I've seen little shooting stars before and sporadic but this one was a real wow! It definitely distracted me for a moment and it sure was cool to see. Nope definitely not a UFO.
I know last weekend there was suppose to be a meteor shower but mostly missed it because it was too cloudy to watch the sky around here. You were suppose to be able to see it in the North West sky and there was suppose to be allot of them. At least I got to see this one and a bit late in the week. Cool. I hope to see more cool things like this. I only hope I don't see the dangerous kinds though.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a little more Christmas cheer and using my Christmas tree. How nice!
Merry Christmas!
Don't forget to click on it to see different fazes of it.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A few of my favourite things. I got these out of my calendar that I got a few years ago and I thought I add them to the rest of the Christmas cheer stuff.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lets try the Christmas cheer thing again.
But don't forget to click on the pic to see more Christmas cheer.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I thought I share a little Christmas cheer. I'm sure lots of people could use some so here you go.

Ok maybe not. It looks like there's some kind of issues with phishing. Humm Yeah Boneheads. I don't keep any think important like that on the computer. I keep it all in my purse...HA!

Anyways in other news I took the last test from my training a few days ago that I'm not telling any one about as to what about. I passed but it wasn't really satisfying. I was kind of hoping to at least accomplish something really good in my life. It seem to never work out the way I was hope it would. I never seem to pass with flying colours with any thing. It really sucks cause no mater how hard I work at it I always end up with second place or third, never first. Its just so unfair, why can't I just shine and be first at something. I always end up being last. Sigh......
If only there was a prize for me........

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Any one else a fan of Sponge Bob Square pants?
I’ve been watching it also since it came out and steadily I’ve noticed that the quality of the show has gone down. My guess is that they as in the people who are in charge must have got newer people working for them because the originals probably got tired of working for the company for whatever reason. Then again you can only come up with so many ideas for eps. It’s a real shame but I guess eventually all good things must come to an end. But until then I’ll still be watching, I guess.

For all you people that think they’re gay, you are wrong. First of all Sponge Bob has a girlfriend named Sandy. Patrick star is Sponge Bob’s best friend. You know like you guys probably had when you were 10 years old? Basically the cartoon is geared toward a child like personality so there for it will have child like goofy antics and cliché and not some twisted gay personality, kind of like Bugs Bunny and the Loony Tunes. Some people just need to get their head out of the gutter, lighten up and enjoy a fun happy cartoon.
I watched Avatar The Last air bender Friday night. It was quite an interesting season finally. Not as good as last years finally but still interesting. Been watching this cartoon since it first aired which I think was two years so far. So far been really enjoying the cartoon, which is sort of like an anime only was made in North America. It has really great story writing with plenty of plot twists n turns with interesting character arcs, interesting character designs and the backgrounds are really nice too. The animal creature designs are interesting too only some are not as creative as it could have been. The flying bison and the lemur are really nice but most of the other animal designs could use some work. I mean what’s with all the pig/animal things? Some one a little obsessed with pigs? A little too much bacon for me thank you. Another thing that doesn’t really appeal to me is the Eastern philosophy, I don’t believe in that reincarnation stuff but other then that an over all enjoyable cartoon.
Now over all the season finally was really good only the ending wasn’t really as satisfying as last years. It sort of left me flat. Also when that Aang dude went in to that last state part you know the part where it kind of looks like he just smoked something and he encounters his spiritual self was a bit disturbing as well. I mean why is that thing all dark and evil and looking like some kind of evil genie. Shouldn’t that spirit thing have a more in the light image if it’s suppose to be pure light and goodness? If you ask me something is really messed up. Something to think about……….

Find out what it’s about encase you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Nearly finished with my training of that secret thing I told you guys about a few posts down, or a least they say. Sometimes people like to hurry along with me because I tend to annoy people after awhile but fine. What ever.
I'm done with the first test but now I have yet to pass the pre final test to pass and finish with all the major training. Yeah nice!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another reason why most people suck.

I made a visit at one of my favourite message boards and I happen to go in to this one thread about some magician wanting to buy doves and what this one magician said in one part of his post just made me want to beat him up. Sheeh, now here's part of the thread.

Mark Mitchel

Subject: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

I am currently a close up magician, and i am looking to get into dove magic. 1. Which type of dove is ideal for magic.
2. Is it safe to buy from unknown people from this sit. Any help would be appreciated.


RE: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

I am a magician and have had to work with doves on a regular basis. While on the road I keep my doves in their cages, with plenty of food and water. I never grew an attraction to my doves, so if one does in fact become ill or unable to perform its magical duties, I humanley break its neck and purchase new doves. And helping with economical matters, doves that are hungry enough will in fact eat their own fecal matter and the remains of other doves I have sacrificed.


RE: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

That is very interesting Randy. But why use doves? Why not crow or magpie, or some other species that does not bond with humans like a dove. The dove is not known as the "bird of peace" for nothing, you know. I assume that in using doves, the magician is trying to pass the message to his audience that he or she has some humane qualities other than simply breaking the dove's necks when it is convenient to be rid of them or feeding them their own fecal matter to save a few dollars. Or is that too simply a part of the illusion that a magician foists on his audience?

Mark Mitchel

RE: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

Well, I am not yet old enough to go on the road as a traveling magician. I do not even make a career as a magician. Mind you, i do want these doves for magic, but i also want them as companions. I will take very special care of them and give them the proper attention that they need.

regarding my questions, Where have you bought your doves before?


RE: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

Well it certainly speaks very well of you Mark that you see a dove as something more than a disposable creature to help you earn a few dollars. I get the impression from some of the postings on this web site from other magicians that none of them would share your willingness to take any sort of care of doves. Or perhaps any other animal as well. You may be wanting to break into the wrong line of work.

Mark Mitchel

RE: Is it safe?
IP: Logged

I am not sure what you mean by the wrong line of work?

And, have you ever bought a dove from this website? If you have, is it safe?

And if not, where did you buy your doves?

What the heck is the matter with these people. No matter what line of work, you don't treat living things like some throw away garbage. If any thing that is garbage are people who don't treat living things with the right kind of respect. Most likely they also treat their fellow man like that too. Like garbage. Geez can you imagine what those bone heads do to bigger creatures like chimps and things like tigers. Another reason why magicians are evil. Well that line of work is evil. I bet most are devil worshipers.

Heh and if they’re so concerned about saving money, that means that they also suck at being a magician. Because they don't have much of an audience they're obviously not making much money.

None the less what those idiots are doing is truly evil.
I hope some how and sometime in he future they will learn a good life-changing lesson to nock some sense into them. Gosh its no wonder why even circuses are being harassed by the PETA. Can you blame them considering that maybe all of show biz is like this to animals?

Yeah people suck.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Almost didn't feel like posting today. I probably should have posted this at least on a Sunday but then I really didn't feel like it. Been to occupied with other things and worrying about things that are also stupid. But what else is new. Its been raining all day but at least it wasn't too cold. Anyhow I took a few pics of the birds from the bird show that I went to on Saturday. It was a small bird show and some of the judging was still going on when I got there so they still had some of the cages turned in a certain way I guess to mark the ones they still have to judge. I also got a sample of cockatiel food out of the whole deal. Its some peletted food with an interesting smell which reminds me of bubble gum. Now I thought that birds don't have a good sense of smell so why would they need to do that. I still don't know if my birds will like the food. My 10 or so doves and one cockatiel that is.

Now here are a few of the best pics for your viewing pleasure. They're not perfect considering I really didn't have any peace when I was there but oh well.

The white cockatiel is my favorite.

Friday, October 06, 2006

On a whim after coming home with the rental for the trip to Frankenmuth for this Sunday, he goes, any one want to go to Colasante's? So we all went, just for the heck of if. If you’re wondering it’s a green house slash petting zoo slash entertainment center. I haven’t been there for a while so I guess it was kind of nice. I was better though when I was little. I had more animals and plants. Now it just has more commercialism and less warm family. Anyhow we decided to have a bite to eat and so I ended up having some of their famous fried chicken. Great I’m making my self hungry and I already brushed my teeth. Anyhow we looked around a bit and then went to the petting zoo area. They had the usual fare of barnyard animals. Lots of cute mini goats, birds and one lazy donkey. I saw the sweatiest little thing a mother hen and her chicks. I wish I still had chickens. Before that I went in the section where they have all these tropical birds and did a little bit of viewing. I also did a bit of imitating. My favorite thing is to mimic the sounds of the squawking and whistling parrots and seeing how they react. Always a barrel of laughs. I don’t think my family was impressed though because they seemed to move too quickly though the displays. I kind of wanted to take some pics but who can find the cool shots if your being rushed. In the end we ended up picking up some wild birdseeds for my doves and something for my cockatiel since the seeds were a really nice price compared to the local pet shops that I usually visit. I hope that I can get some nice pics at the bird show in the next weekend though.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I just did another one of those psychological games. Well it’s really not a game but more of a brain trainer I guess but I hate doing it. I have no choice as I mention before from that secret thing I'm doing. I'm not bad I guess, well at every thing else that it tests on, all except for short-term memory. I really hate the fact that this thing is making me feel like and idiot. I really don't need another reminder. I mean its bad enough that I have a terrible time at remembering peoples names and that I'm lousy at spelling. I'm really sick and tired at being reminded of those things. I like going beyond those areas. I feel reminders like those are kind of distracting to the things that I'm really great at. Sigh…
13 more agonising sessions to go though….

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pondering a weird dream

I had this pretty strange dream a few nights ago and only managed to muster a bit of courage to post about it.

Anyhow it starts like this. I was in animation class (haven't been in one for a few years now) and I was editing some animation using my computer and a large screen that was in the classroom.
A teacher was lecturing on something and the teacher happened to be LOL Patrick Steward.
Now I know that guy doesn’t have a lick of knowledge on how to animate but I know the guy loves animation.
Anyways he continues to lecture the class and why'll the lecture is taking place the students are passing around notes. The note describes him as being a real jerk, a bonehead and other nasty things. What ever else happened I don't know cause I woke up.
Maybe someday I might dream it again and see a conclusion. Who knows.

I kind of made me wonder do you think that Patrick is a jerk in real life?
I answered this interesting thread at some message board and I thought it would be pretty important to put this in here.

why are good looking people treated better in general than 'average/ugly' looking people?

theres another site i go to which requires you to put your photo up, and i noticed there all the good looking people get tonnes of attention and kind messages by people, and these good looking people only devote their attention to beautiful people, ignoring the less visually appealing. there was this one 'ugly' girl on the site who expressed her frustration when she wasnt getting any replies (and the occasional 'thanks' message, nothing more) by saying out loud 'why wont you talk to me? not too pretty for ya or something? shallow bastard.' needless to say, she got flamed by all the pretty women who was getting attention from the guy.

i heard its like this in the workplace too, as well as in tv and media.

though i no doubt anticipate criticism against the whining vented by the frustrated unfortunates, my main purpose of this thread is to simply ask an answer to the question of why does this happen. why do good looking people get better treatment in general than the 'average/ugly' looking ones?

Here was my answer....

Yeah it's a sad fact that people who are blessed with beauty in the eyes of the beholder are treated better. It's a primitive response of society. People who are ugly could possibly be sick, stupid and or possibly might want to harm you according to their looks. Like I said it's a primitive response a subconscious thing that people don't necessarily think about but some how do.
But really it's all a sham. People who are ugly really are most likely smart, nice and do not want to cause you any harm but just want to be treated as an equal. In fact some of the most beautiful people can be the sneakiest people or what ever and take advantage of an individual or what ever. Most take life for granted having lived life mostly on a silver platter and do not want to be seen with a less attractive individual. Yet another sad fact. I've seen it so many times before.

Best thing any one can do is look beyond a person's look and treat every one how you would want to be treated because below our skin we all look the same underneath, gross, full of blood and full of poop.

Oh an if any one dislikes my looks can kiss my @ss. :kiss:

Thank you.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I thought I post these pics up of a spider I took a few days ago. One of them was taken with the flash and the others were not. There not perfect since I don't have a professional digital camera. But it does the job.
One thing is that I do notice a lot of insects this year no to mention lots of animals in the last year. I really think they like our small humble yard. Not to mention our food. >:( Anyways in particular there seems to be allot of spiders. Every where I go it seems that I'm accidentally bumping in to one and sometimes I get several spiders hanging on my clothes. I'm sure glad I'm not a fly. All the spider webs remind of some dreams and possibly some scary movies where there are spider webs hanging every where you turn. The pics that I took of are showing the grand daddy of all the spiders that are hanging out at our yard, the one with yellow stripes. I don't know what these spiders are called but I haven't seen these in my back yard since I was little and living at our old house with the large cool yard with the bush in the back. I was surprised to see this thing at our current location so I took its pictures. It was right after a storm so I'm sure you guys can see the water droplets on the web.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wow another post.

I heard the crocodile hunter died in a freak accident. It could have been avoided I do believe.....if he had a bit more respect for the wild life. I know he really, really loved the animals but there is a limit for that and now he's gone. It was obvious that he would go like that eventually.

I'm kind of worried about tomorrow and yeah it has something to do with my secret but I guess its just more crap I have to go though. Ever since I loaded that CD with that "must used software" because I have no choice, me thinks my computer now has a virus. I think that person who burned that CD with the software was the one who had that virus. >:( And I just had my computer free of that garbage. I'm usually very careful of that. Its just really annoying.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A sleepy Sunday

Sadly its starting to get annoyingly cool. Sadly its something a thing to come. I think it came a little early this year compared to last year. Of course I was working at my crappy job at the time and trying to get though the day by blocking out all the things I had to tolerate, thus also ignoring the weather as well. In case you can't tell I really don't like winter and fall. They depress me and make me sick as in getting colds. The food is not as good as it is in the summer time and if you ask me there are more verities of colours n smells in the spring and summer. Remember quality and not quantity. That is the key.

There really isn't much on TV and or the net for that matter. I could play a video game but I'm kind of staying a way from those for a while in order to concentrate on my art est. I really need to get to my sketch book but some how I have too much on my mind lately with that secret in all. Tomorrow I'm going to make that zucchini snack cake. I hope it turns out. The last thing that I made kind was not to par.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I got a secret

And I'm not telling you guys.
It's something my parents only know and I only told my cousin. They are the privileged few and no one else. So * razzzberrrryy* Lets just say um, its some times difficult, its scary for me, its something that I'm learning and I have mixed feelings about it over all. So will have to see if what I'm doing is successful and won't kill me in the end. I really don't want to die. I like living even though life can be pretty painful to me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sometimes life is like dreams

Been staying away from the net a bit since there were threats of a new virus around. I was worried that my computer might catch it but then again my computer might have already updated that sort of security feature, so I guess I don't have to worry.

The only thing really worrying me right now is my cat. I think she was really showing her age in the last two days, either that or it might have been a sort of revenge. Who knows? I found her peeing on my stuff that was on the floor of my bedroom. As of right now I make sure I have no more clothes on the floor and she is now banned from the closet. I really love my cat and had her since 88. I really hate to see her go. I only hope that when it is her time to go that she will go in her sleep peacefully.

Over all its been pretty strange lately

On Friday, I was broiling some trout in the usual way with those nice sweet onion rings I usually stuff in to the cavity of the fish and I was looking out the window that looked out towards the park across the street and there was a tornado. Weird, kind of like the ones I see occasionally in my dreams. It wasn't a destructive kind though because it was only a dust devil. After all I wouldn't be making conversation here if that tornado happened to be destructive. It was pretty weird considering there was no wind that day. I guess it had something to do with the heat coming off the rocks and the cool air. Hummm

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The only good kind of wars are;
Played on video games
In debates
I guess board games
Tug a war
The space race
Breaking a monopoly of a companies products

Inspired by the thoughts of wishful thinking.
I only wish that people would follow the things above instead of wars that involve killing and hatred. It would be nice if people would just compromise and get along not to mention think about the others feelings.

Anyways finished I think all I could think of that would make nice business forms. See other blog. Now I got to start to work on other things like my illustrations and moving more stuff into the other web site.

I also made another peach pie. Yum! I think I have just enough peaches for one more pie but I’m not sure if I will make another or the same one. I’m kind of sick of it. I also made a nice sea food pasta on Friday. It was pretty good but I should have tried the celery before I put it in cause it ended up tasting like the smell of tobacco if that makes any sense. :p Ack its late and now I made my self hungry. I only hope I can get some sleep even though I’m hungry. I refuse to eat any thing right now since I already brushed my teeth.
As I’m writing this, I’m listening to people talk on the radio talk about nano tech and how they could potentially send a very small package to another planet and it could jump start a new livable planet. I don’t like the conversation about how the nano thingy could be as small as a virus. It really scares me. Kind of reminds me something out of Star Trek. Yikes!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nothing sweeter
Made peach pie yesterday from the fresh peaches that came from our tree. Turned out really nice and really tasty. There's only one slice left so I'm probably going to make some more tomorrow. Its really a shame that the peaches don't really have enough time to be by them selves to fully ripen. It seems the birds, bees and mold get to them first, but I still manage. I just take the rotten side off and keep the good part. We really haven't had to much problem with worms. I only managed to find one and I gave that to one of my fish.

Today I did some searches to look for decent example for a contract to design for illustrators. The hull wasn't bad. I found some pretty good example to use. I'll probably pick and choose what I want in it. At the same time I came across some other samples of things like job jackets. I wonder if its just another form of invoices. I hope I don't have to change the ones I already have since I like the design one the ones I made. Besides I was going to make a separate art approval sheet just in case I would need one in the future. As for the invoices they're pretty much done except I'm not sure what I would put in the rights category part. But its no biggy. I still would like to get that book for illustrators business forms someplace. I wonder if that use book store that's opening very soon in my neighbourhood would possibly have it?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its been awhile yeah I know, but that’s normal for me. As I probably said before I don't talk much. Its been awhile because I was busy with many things. For one thing I had to fix my computer and another reason was I was busy working on stuff to send to promising job/gigs. I finished that for now and I'm almost finished with designing invoices. I'm just not sure what to put in the part's for the copy rights and things that I wouldn't be responsible for in case things happen that would be out of my control. With a little research and some sleep and probably some praying, I'm sure I’ll put in the right answer.

Speaking of copyrighting, I was looking for some decent dingbats for the copyrighting but couldn't find it any where. Kind of frustrating considering that I couldn't even find my favourite forum for locating fonts. I tried this other one that I remembered of but its not as active as the other one I really liked. In the end I ended up finding some software to create my own set of fonts. Real cool since I now have my own custom set of fonts.

Other things that happened recently, last month in the park I saw something pretty amusing and you don't see that every day. I would have written about it sooner but I was like I said pretty busy. I was watching people playing soccer in the park which is right across from my house, there was this guy, for some reason and for what ever reason decided that it was ok to change near his van. Kind of interesting to see this guy butt naked and all changing in front of my eyes and maybe others at the soccer game. Yep the moon came out early that day. ;)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boggles my mind, really. Why in the world would some one try to leave viruses and hack in to my computer? Why waist your time, dude. There's nothing to see in my comp. Get a life. Use your computer skills for making money instead of the prospect of destroying. And I quote you are not going to make any money by sending me a virus and then hack. And that goes with people who try to send me those pop up ads too. You know the ones that try to hijack your windows massager and scare tact icing you in to buying some crap. GET A LIFE! Go and do something constructive in stead of something destructive!

Remember nothing to see on my comp dude! I do not feature any interesting numbers of any kind.
I repeat GET A LIFE!

"points butt to no lifer and lets it rip!"

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another hot day and I’m loving it. Watched my bird Pretty boy taking a nice long shower on the door of his cage. He’s outside for the summer in his outdoor cage incase you’re interested as to why he’s outside. I placed the leaking water gun on the roof of his cage and let the water drip off the roof and on to him. He likes it that way. I would too if I was a bird and I didn’t have a bathing area. Then again I love taking a bath and he doesn’t. I finished taking care of my many birds and decided to go inside and work on my web site. My new toy is working great despite the fact I can’t really use png files to show off my site. Oh well, I dealt with it and its really starting to look spiffy. I’m kind of worried though that the upload will be crazily long once I add more pages. I’m thinking and hoping that I could maybe upload certain hgml’s, so that the upload won’t take so long.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Humm no luck it seems when it comes to using pngs in using them the creation of a web site. Oh well. I'll just have to deal with it.

I tried several web page makers cause I really don't like dealing with html. To much eye strain and headache. I rather use my energies in creating illustrations and then some then dealing with crazy codes only to find that they don't work. Like I said I'v been trying a bunch of those programs and I found one that I really like. I didn't buy it right away cause I was hoping to find something at a cheaper price. so I went out today and bike down to my local mall and looked around. Instead I found lots of cheep programs at rip off prices and they were suppost to be on sale. It wasn't a total waist of time considering I got to maybe see something new and got my exercise. I was quite nice outside today for that too. Maybe a bit humid but I really like that kind of weather. So anyways I bought my favourite pick of a web page maker and I'm currently testing it now. Well I did test it before but only briefly. Its really great. Hear’s the link in case any one wants to check it out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Glad they don't call these things diaries. Reminds me of diaria, (crap can't spell that) which is what most people are full of who take some things too seriously. ;)

Been try out this new program on my comp for the first time today. So far so good. I guess it just needs some training so that it gets use to how I like things on my computer.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Been browsing at the mall with my mom. I decided to come along cause what the heck it was a chance to see what’s new and I probably keep my mom happy by keeping her company. I personally didn't buy any thing. I really don't feel like spending money when I'm not really making any right now at the moment. Freelancing is a bit of a scary thing when you don't really have any one to ask for advice and that's why I'm taking so long to get out there and tell the world that yeah I'm good and here I am. I have fixed up my resume but I think I should make another one just for art jobs. I've also printed out a few of those guide line request postcards. So I'm kind of hoping that as well as getting some guide lines that some one will see that I would make a great illustrator or what ever for them. I guess should I choose to send some samples to some companies that I'm interested, I think that I should pretty much customize some illustration packages to send though the mail. But for cheaper options I should consider maybe posting my web site at some of those illustrator communities or what ever. But before that I'd still like to make improvements on my site and move it. I now have some nice ideas for really improving the look for most of the pages. I only have to make a few sketches in my book and pick the ones that I like and fix them up. I only wish as I said before that all these things that I'm working on wouldn't take me long to get around to finishing them. I really need to make some cash.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I found this really old iron patch I'm guessing from either the late 1970's or early 80's. It’s a Dig Em frog iron on patch in very good shape considering it was underneath a work desk for many years. Probably making friends with dust bunnies and other things. The only reason why I found it was at the time I was moving and my dad had some how moved the very heavy wood desk. I found a bunch of other stuff too like pieces of a game based on an old child hood cartoon called the Shirt Tails. I saved those pieces too. Anyhow I recently decided to take another look at the patch, which I keep in the dresser drawer in my bed room. Its pretty neat to think I still have this little thing from my child hood but it doesn’t really give my any memorable moments. So I'm thinking that I should maybe sell the thing on Ebay. Maybe it will click with some one else’s child hood memories or maybe some one may just want it for their collections. I just wonder what the thing is worth if worth any thing but memories. But from what I researched so far it seems pretty rare considering I haven't seen any thing like it online.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oooo its no fun having a headache.
One thing that was pretty interesting to me but maybe terrifying to others is that I had a little friend visited me today. He or she made a similar visit a few days ago walking along my fish tank one early morning, I guess looking to find some good eats. I know the fish in my tank was looking at this little guy and finding the little thing, good eats because the fish that has eyes bigger than his stomach, was trying to get at it though the tank.

Anyhow he or she made another visit today proceeded to investigate my computer and then me several times while I was updating my website. After awhile it kind of got annoying so I carefully picked the little thing up with a pad of paper and put it on my bed so it could go and bug my cat. Yeah I know that's sounds a bit crazy to some but I'm a person that thinks that every thing deserves a chance to live just so long as it doesn’t go on me while I'm sleeping or hanging in front of my face. I hate that. Oh my cat if your wondering is to old to be chasing things and was sleeping while the little guy was bugging her. She has cataracts any how and wouldn't see it to eat it any how.

If you haven't guessed already it was a pretty big jumping spider of the zebra kind. Kind of like a small tarantula. I was surprised to see it since the only place I've seen one of those was the paint studio at Dynamic displays. No, I'm not afraid of spiders but I do still have a healthy respect for them. Now those long legged centipedes are another matter. Yek I really don't like those.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wow why are some people so stubborn. I really don't get it. Some people are so stubborn that they get offended when you are trying really hard to let them know about something that might potentially embarrass them in the future. Ok there's this person I know and I won't mention any names but he is someone that has a family relation. This guy is sooooo stubborn that when you tell him that you are pronouncing that word "ridiculous" wrong he refuses to acknowledge it. He pronounces it "pidiculous " :p On top of that he really doesn’t see the beauty of taking daily baths. Its really quite frustrating. When you try to relax in a close proximity of the guy and he takes off his shoes its no fun smelling a combination of the nastiest cheese smell and sewer gas. You can even smell it as far as the kitchen. You could probably market that smell to keep away sharks and other things as a predator retardant. Lots of people let him know in all sorts of kind ways. But it hasn't worked. He could also use a hearing aid but he refuses that too. Go fig.

Oh about that dental appointment, I have another one. unfortunatly they didn't forget about that night guard. Darn!

Here's an intresting link I was looking for ever since I heard about on a show called The attack of the show. Its pretty funny well for cat lovers any how.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Third post
Well it’s that time of the year and I really was hoping that they would forget. But they didn’t. I guess when it comes to money, they don’t. I really don’t like the dentist. I hate that chair, that stupid bib they put on you and the way that chair goes back, just so he can poke and prod your mouth. I take good care of my teeth so he really doesn’t find much other then a few areas of plaque. I do have a few cracks though so eventually I may have to get those capped. It really sucks though cause it means shelling out thousands for each tooth. :( I really hope he doesn’t yet ask me again about insurance. Do I look like I have insurance? First of all I’m laid off from my previous job. Secondly the job was crappy and did not provide us with those luxuries as insurance let alone a vacation. But I guess I have my vacation now. Har har. I really hope he also doesn’t ask me about that stupid mouth guard I’m suppose to ware at night cause I don’t. End of story, I’m not gunna. I can’t sleep with that dumb thing in my mouth. Try to imagine me a game boy in my mouth at night. That’s what it would feel like and probably taste too. Now if they actually came up with something that was as flexible as rubber but didn’t taste like that, it would be nice.

Oh yeah, my third post. If your reading this. I hope you don’t expect me write an epic and or write in fancy words, although, I may write like that occasionally but only when I’m in the mood. My blog is going to reflect my personality and the thoughts that go with it. I’m not going to act like something that I’m not. ;)

Oh BTW do you like my pic? It is me only I really don’t have pink hair. Yeah I’m in my 30’s only me and the rest of your family look 10 years younger then our actual age. Comes in handy in your later years. The lizard guy is a character I designed from a cartoon I made in late grade school early high school. Oh and that cat there is the last of my cats. Her name is missy and she’s about 20 years. Years earlier in 88 she had some kittens in my closet on my socks. They sure were cute. They were still alive up to just recently when they died of old age. I miss them very much.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Well it looks like I made my decision. I decided to both keep this blog and the other one. Originally I was trying to decide one over the other but they are both good. Not the best but good enough. I was really looking for a combination blog and photo gallery but what is out there didn't meet my standards. So any how I guess I will have to keep my MSN gallery which I use as an art archive and pet photo place. I was hoping to get rid of it because I really have no use for a message board at the time being. I may even make another MSN gallery in the future because I like the security features there. I was thinking of making it a gallery for showing my life drawings of nudes. Naturally I don't want just any one gawking at them. After all I'm not trying to promote porn.

After all this, I was kind of hoping to reduce the amount of separate sites I have for my web site but it seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time. Not that that's a bad thing but having all these places to keep an eye on is a real pain in the ass. I'm thinking of though that maybe I could combine these other two parts of my site to one once I move away from geocities to this other free site. Only problem is that I must have a web site maker. I really don't want to deal with html code. It hurts my eyes and I don't have the patience for it. That web site maker that I like and spotted at C net costs around 59 I think. I really like the flexibility of it other wise I would have used Front page instead which came with my computer instead.

Going back to the other blog I think I'm going to make it a monthly journal for my art maybe weekly if I get busy so I can keep track of my progress est.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Testing this little thing. humm I wonder how and or if you can archive pics.