Saturday, December 02, 2006

I watched Avatar The Last air bender Friday night. It was quite an interesting season finally. Not as good as last years finally but still interesting. Been watching this cartoon since it first aired which I think was two years so far. So far been really enjoying the cartoon, which is sort of like an anime only was made in North America. It has really great story writing with plenty of plot twists n turns with interesting character arcs, interesting character designs and the backgrounds are really nice too. The animal creature designs are interesting too only some are not as creative as it could have been. The flying bison and the lemur are really nice but most of the other animal designs could use some work. I mean what’s with all the pig/animal things? Some one a little obsessed with pigs? A little too much bacon for me thank you. Another thing that doesn’t really appeal to me is the Eastern philosophy, I don’t believe in that reincarnation stuff but other then that an over all enjoyable cartoon.
Now over all the season finally was really good only the ending wasn’t really as satisfying as last years. It sort of left me flat. Also when that Aang dude went in to that last state part you know the part where it kind of looks like he just smoked something and he encounters his spiritual self was a bit disturbing as well. I mean why is that thing all dark and evil and looking like some kind of evil genie. Shouldn’t that spirit thing have a more in the light image if it’s suppose to be pure light and goodness? If you ask me something is really messed up. Something to think about……….

Find out what it’s about encase you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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