Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A summer mantis

Spring is pretty much here. Soon you'll hear the little pitter-patter of little insect feet. In fact you might have already noticed some have coming out already. Like ants and little spiders. But then many of you can care less, let alone like insects and other bugs. But I like them, well except for things like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. I find those annoying.

Anyways here are some pics from last summer of a little cannibalistic insect called the praying mantis. Well it wasn't that little so I'm pretty sure it was an immature female, since they are much bigger then their smaller and taster male partner. I think she was a stage off from being a full fledged flier.

I originally found her crawling up the outside wall near the bathroom of our house so she was obviously easy to see. That green colour of hers really stood out from the orange brick wall.
So after I was finished looking at her natural insect beauty I left her in our garden on some lettuces. She does make a really great guard insect against those potential pests who would easily take over the garden if not controlled. If you're wondering I didn't take pics of her right away until I found her again on a little citrus plant in a pot a few days later. I'm pretty sure it was the same one since this one could not fly either. Guess she liked it here in our back yard cause she stayed there pretty long.

Again I don't have a great camera so I use what ever I have. I only use these pics for reference any how for my art work and what not.