Monday, February 22, 2016

Cabbage rolls arn't boring.

Well January and most of February was pretty boring. Good in some ways I guess but bad as in boring in other ways. So not much to say about that. But at least there is some light at the end of the bleak tunnel of winter. We do get to enjoy my dad's cabbage rolls made with homemade sour cabbage. He always likes to add in a few quince fruit for flavour in the batch of cabbage with brine to be soured. But he seems to think that the sour cabbage is really not up to pare this time. Me? I think the SC is great as always. So again this weekend we're having you guessed it his famous and tasty cabbage rolls. Included on the plate besides the Crolls will be some baked potatoes or boiled. Personally I think baked is best. Or you could have polenta with it. Not me. Also added to the tasty plate, some sausage pieces and some homemade smoked pork like ribs for example. Those are my favorite but not often served. Got ta take what you can get I guess. 
Oh we don't cover it in tomato sauce. Not part of our eastern European tradition I guess. Very similar to the Polish style.  Not missing it any how. 

 Hope I made you hungry. ;D