Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you guys ever have strange encounters?

I was doing some bank errands last Friday and when I came out and this old lady whom I don’t really know asks me for a ride to a local shopping center? I was a bit flabbier gasted because normally complete strangers just don’t do that around here. I had encountered the woman before in various other places but never really paid attention. She wasn’t hag like but looked to be in her late 50’ early 60’s like the same age as my mother, give or take a few years. A few days before my mother and me went to the shopping center to do some shopping and there she was sitting on a bench. My mother and me were in a middle of a conversation (can’t
remember what we talked about) but any ways she piped up and commented about how cold it was outside. So any ways back to the bank eps, she mentions that she has a cold and would it be alright if I give her a ride. I thought about it a moment and proceeded to tell her that I had my dad with me and if she would like I’ll tell my dad that I know her from church so that my dad would not get weirded out. I also pointed out where the car was parked out and things like that and then for some odd reason she changes her mind. All I can say is, that’s just weird. I wonder if this is just one of those odd moments, or is it a lonely person and or do I have a strange stocker? Yikes!

Nope these penguins are not stocking any one but maybe for food. Fish any one.