Friday, April 28, 2006

I found this really old iron patch I'm guessing from either the late 1970's or early 80's. It’s a Dig Em frog iron on patch in very good shape considering it was underneath a work desk for many years. Probably making friends with dust bunnies and other things. The only reason why I found it was at the time I was moving and my dad had some how moved the very heavy wood desk. I found a bunch of other stuff too like pieces of a game based on an old child hood cartoon called the Shirt Tails. I saved those pieces too. Anyhow I recently decided to take another look at the patch, which I keep in the dresser drawer in my bed room. Its pretty neat to think I still have this little thing from my child hood but it doesn’t really give my any memorable moments. So I'm thinking that I should maybe sell the thing on Ebay. Maybe it will click with some one else’s child hood memories or maybe some one may just want it for their collections. I just wonder what the thing is worth if worth any thing but memories. But from what I researched so far it seems pretty rare considering I haven't seen any thing like it online.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oooo its no fun having a headache.
One thing that was pretty interesting to me but maybe terrifying to others is that I had a little friend visited me today. He or she made a similar visit a few days ago walking along my fish tank one early morning, I guess looking to find some good eats. I know the fish in my tank was looking at this little guy and finding the little thing, good eats because the fish that has eyes bigger than his stomach, was trying to get at it though the tank.

Anyhow he or she made another visit today proceeded to investigate my computer and then me several times while I was updating my website. After awhile it kind of got annoying so I carefully picked the little thing up with a pad of paper and put it on my bed so it could go and bug my cat. Yeah I know that's sounds a bit crazy to some but I'm a person that thinks that every thing deserves a chance to live just so long as it doesn’t go on me while I'm sleeping or hanging in front of my face. I hate that. Oh my cat if your wondering is to old to be chasing things and was sleeping while the little guy was bugging her. She has cataracts any how and wouldn't see it to eat it any how.

If you haven't guessed already it was a pretty big jumping spider of the zebra kind. Kind of like a small tarantula. I was surprised to see it since the only place I've seen one of those was the paint studio at Dynamic displays. No, I'm not afraid of spiders but I do still have a healthy respect for them. Now those long legged centipedes are another matter. Yek I really don't like those.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wow why are some people so stubborn. I really don't get it. Some people are so stubborn that they get offended when you are trying really hard to let them know about something that might potentially embarrass them in the future. Ok there's this person I know and I won't mention any names but he is someone that has a family relation. This guy is sooooo stubborn that when you tell him that you are pronouncing that word "ridiculous" wrong he refuses to acknowledge it. He pronounces it "pidiculous " :p On top of that he really doesn’t see the beauty of taking daily baths. Its really quite frustrating. When you try to relax in a close proximity of the guy and he takes off his shoes its no fun smelling a combination of the nastiest cheese smell and sewer gas. You can even smell it as far as the kitchen. You could probably market that smell to keep away sharks and other things as a predator retardant. Lots of people let him know in all sorts of kind ways. But it hasn't worked. He could also use a hearing aid but he refuses that too. Go fig.

Oh about that dental appointment, I have another one. unfortunatly they didn't forget about that night guard. Darn!

Here's an intresting link I was looking for ever since I heard about on a show called The attack of the show. Its pretty funny well for cat lovers any how.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Third post
Well it’s that time of the year and I really was hoping that they would forget. But they didn’t. I guess when it comes to money, they don’t. I really don’t like the dentist. I hate that chair, that stupid bib they put on you and the way that chair goes back, just so he can poke and prod your mouth. I take good care of my teeth so he really doesn’t find much other then a few areas of plaque. I do have a few cracks though so eventually I may have to get those capped. It really sucks though cause it means shelling out thousands for each tooth. :( I really hope he doesn’t yet ask me again about insurance. Do I look like I have insurance? First of all I’m laid off from my previous job. Secondly the job was crappy and did not provide us with those luxuries as insurance let alone a vacation. But I guess I have my vacation now. Har har. I really hope he also doesn’t ask me about that stupid mouth guard I’m suppose to ware at night cause I don’t. End of story, I’m not gunna. I can’t sleep with that dumb thing in my mouth. Try to imagine me a game boy in my mouth at night. That’s what it would feel like and probably taste too. Now if they actually came up with something that was as flexible as rubber but didn’t taste like that, it would be nice.

Oh yeah, my third post. If your reading this. I hope you don’t expect me write an epic and or write in fancy words, although, I may write like that occasionally but only when I’m in the mood. My blog is going to reflect my personality and the thoughts that go with it. I’m not going to act like something that I’m not. ;)

Oh BTW do you like my pic? It is me only I really don’t have pink hair. Yeah I’m in my 30’s only me and the rest of your family look 10 years younger then our actual age. Comes in handy in your later years. The lizard guy is a character I designed from a cartoon I made in late grade school early high school. Oh and that cat there is the last of my cats. Her name is missy and she’s about 20 years. Years earlier in 88 she had some kittens in my closet on my socks. They sure were cute. They were still alive up to just recently when they died of old age. I miss them very much.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Well it looks like I made my decision. I decided to both keep this blog and the other one. Originally I was trying to decide one over the other but they are both good. Not the best but good enough. I was really looking for a combination blog and photo gallery but what is out there didn't meet my standards. So any how I guess I will have to keep my MSN gallery which I use as an art archive and pet photo place. I was hoping to get rid of it because I really have no use for a message board at the time being. I may even make another MSN gallery in the future because I like the security features there. I was thinking of making it a gallery for showing my life drawings of nudes. Naturally I don't want just any one gawking at them. After all I'm not trying to promote porn.

After all this, I was kind of hoping to reduce the amount of separate sites I have for my web site but it seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time. Not that that's a bad thing but having all these places to keep an eye on is a real pain in the ass. I'm thinking of though that maybe I could combine these other two parts of my site to one once I move away from geocities to this other free site. Only problem is that I must have a web site maker. I really don't want to deal with html code. It hurts my eyes and I don't have the patience for it. That web site maker that I like and spotted at C net costs around 59 I think. I really like the flexibility of it other wise I would have used Front page instead which came with my computer instead.

Going back to the other blog I think I'm going to make it a monthly journal for my art maybe weekly if I get busy so I can keep track of my progress est.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Testing this little thing. humm I wonder how and or if you can archive pics.