Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wow why are some people so stubborn. I really don't get it. Some people are so stubborn that they get offended when you are trying really hard to let them know about something that might potentially embarrass them in the future. Ok there's this person I know and I won't mention any names but he is someone that has a family relation. This guy is sooooo stubborn that when you tell him that you are pronouncing that word "ridiculous" wrong he refuses to acknowledge it. He pronounces it "pidiculous " :p On top of that he really doesn’t see the beauty of taking daily baths. Its really quite frustrating. When you try to relax in a close proximity of the guy and he takes off his shoes its no fun smelling a combination of the nastiest cheese smell and sewer gas. You can even smell it as far as the kitchen. You could probably market that smell to keep away sharks and other things as a predator retardant. Lots of people let him know in all sorts of kind ways. But it hasn't worked. He could also use a hearing aid but he refuses that too. Go fig.

Oh about that dental appointment, I have another one. unfortunatly they didn't forget about that night guard. Darn!

Here's an intresting link I was looking for ever since I heard about on a show called The attack of the show. Its pretty funny well for cat lovers any how.


Anostica said...

ewwww..booo to mr. stinky :(

if you're his good friend..I'd sneak it in ;)

K_tigress said...

I tried talking to death about it but lts like speaking to a rock. Both are stationary and hard. *Sigh* he's just set in his ways.

Anostica said...

Why don't you buy him some deorderant or something smelly for his b-day ;)

K_tigress said...

LOL I’ve done that. Many times if he has to go out in a hurry he puts gobs of cologne on. HEHEH its like a gas chamber after words in the bathroom.
I have to open a window just to breath otherwise I would get a mouth full of the fumes.