Sunday, December 26, 2010

As I wished in my other blog....Merry Christmas.
And yes as mentioned in my other blog Christmas technically lasts beyond December and a bit into January.

None the less, hope every one got lots of presents, got what they wanted and had a nice peaceful one.

Note to self; Got to get around to taking the latest pic of our nativity scene. Its always a work in progress since we as in me and my dad always add something new to it every year. ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did you ever have one of those weird Twilight Zone moments?
Last weekend I went to the grocery store after being out at some place in the evening. I went there originally to buy a newspaper like I usually do and for what ever reason I decided to look at the stuffed animals in the gift area. I picked up this little Himalayan kitten toy and immediately that "what's new Pussy cat? woah ohoo whaohooo" followed by the words "pussycat, pussycat, I love you" song came on the store's radio. I really thought it was funny, amusing and weird all at once. But boy it really doesn't help in my panging for a new kitty in my life and a lack of. Meow!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New project that you can do your self featured in my web site. Also featured at Its basically a repair job that you can do your self to replace those old worn out foam covers on your headphones. Its not much to look at but its really suppose to be practical any how and for your info.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rescued a little bag of bones kitten yesterday. She was stuck in a garage at a foreclosed home. I really don't know how she ended up in there but I know there was no way for her to get out. She must have been stuck there for weeks.

I was just passing though when I heard a noise and didn’t think much of it at first. But I ended up changing my mind and came back to the property to have another look and listen. This time it was really loud. A really loud distinctive mew, mew, mew is what I heard. I looked around to figure out as to where it exactly it was coming from. Apparently it was coming from a garage of an old house. I looked around the house to see if any one was home and I noticed a few papers stuck to the windows indicating foreclosure. Before I did any thing I contacted the nearby neighbors living next door of the houses but they really weren’t much help. So I when back to the garage with the crying kitten and looked around the little building for some kind of advantage. As I did that, the little kitten followed my actions, hopping on to a window ledge and pawing at the window pane. At least I knew now what the little rascal looked like. I gave her a few pieces of cat treat from my pack and shoved it though some tiny cracks. She pawed at them hungrily, scooped them up with her tiny paws and nearly taking out my finger as well. I then went around the building looking for a weakness and managed to find a place where the wood paneling was rotting. I yanked off the rotten piece of paneling and out came the hungry all black kitten. I gave it the rest of the cat treats I had in my pack and I again felt the full force of her little hungry teeth She was desperate for more and the little silly thing was wearing the bag on her face for awhile.
I had a pack since that's what I use when I'm biking to the mall or grocery store. I tried to go on with my business but the little black kitten followed along side me as I crossed the street. I wasn’t sure as to what to do. Should I take her home and upset the fragile peace of the family house hold or just leave her to her own devices. Luckily neighbor 2 houses down saw the goings on and directed me to another neighbor across the street who was apparently responsible for the little kitten. I came up to the door of the house with a slightly cracked open window so that her dog could get some fresh air and I yelled hello. Very convenient for me and thank goodness the dog apparently was friendly to cats and people too. The owner came to the door, was very thankful and gave me a big hug. I gave her the little bag of bones black kitten and explained the whole situation. She proceeded to give her explanation too about how she has another kitten like it and was looking for a home for both of them. Well it did save me from a disruption of peace at home but I still would have loved to have been able to give those 2 little cuties a great home with me, that is if I had a home of my own.
Life so sucks for me but at least it will be a good one for the kitten.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Or what would you do for 5 bucks?
Some people would and will do any thing.
Take your pick. Make a little extra cash at this cool new site called;

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anyone get something stuck in they're throats before?
Nothing more annoying then a seed stuck in your throat for several days. At least I think its still there? I really hope its not there since its really freaking me out. Ever since I heard about that story about this woman a few years ago I always get that uneasy feeling when something gets stuck in my throat for far too long.
There was this woman who got something caught in her throat from eating either steak or was it fruit, I can’t remember exactly. But what ever she ate a piece of it got caught in her throat and the membrane in her throat or what ever its called grew on top of it. It later pussed up and gave her all kinds of problems and I think she almost died. Since that article, it really freaks me out.
I am really going to avoid eating the seeds in grapes for now on. No matter how and what they say about grape seeds being good for you. Besides, I bet I can get the same thing from other things too only with out the worry. I’m also avoiding cherry pits too. Looks like I’m going to be in a bad mood for the next few days if this darn feeling doesn’t go away soon.

Oh yeah a small update in my hobby part of my web site. A new avatar for any one that’s interested.
As always you can find that part of my site in my links area or you can take this short cut. KTTSTV

Monday, October 04, 2010

Just a small update. Nothing fancy. I updated a link in my web site so that you may know where to purchase the new children's book I illustrated. You can also click here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yippy! Looks like I fixed the scroll.
Still not sure why it did those weird things to begin with.
I’m not sure as to what’s going on but my scrolling marquee seems to be messed up. Every time I try to fix the code for what ever reason it reverts back to its screwy self. Then again it may be a Google thing. A new policy maybe?
Its not like it was true advertising but more of a giving credit to the place where I got the content from. In other words, just a link along with what’s coming up on the calendar.
It really boggles the mind.

In the mean time I thought I mention or give you a heads up on this really cool find I have been exploring for the past few months. I found this site where you can get thousands upon thousands of streaming radio stations from around the world and you don’t even need a player to stream them in although the owner of the site does have one that you can download. But I can’t make heads or tails as to get it to set up on my computer. Oh well, its still excellent source of streaming radio goodness.
Please note that for what ever reason, from time to time some radio stations do not work.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boy, what a difference half a year can make. LOL As I said yesterday I finished Illustrating that children’s book a few months ago and the resulting fruits of my labor were very pleasing to the author. I’m almost done with my “to do” list and since a few weeks ago I upgraded to a new internet service. What a difference. So far so good. It also helps to be wireless. No more annoying cords all over the place for people to trip on and or damage. I also mentioned that I finally got that long elusive package I was expecting in the mail. Who knew it would take that long. So I finally get to upgrade my photoshop.

Besides all that, this year no new peach jam. I guess hot and humid summers are not a good mix for peaches. It was mold and then the darn resident squirrel that did all the peaches in. It was bad enough that he was talking them and then he brings his family along for the feast too. A gray female and two little black kittens or what ever you call two little annoying black squirrels.

Oh and then there were the grapes. These are the kinds the kind that ripen just after my peaches. They’re these super sweet little green grapes with out seeds that are more on the yellow side if they get to that point. But nope. The resident robin that comes back to our house every year d
ecided that they were too delicious for us people to eat and would promptly get rid of them before we had to taste them.
He also brought his annoying family too. So I ended up making this fake hawk out of foam and p
aper, painted it up and my dad placed it just above the grape vine. Unfortunately it didn’t work since he didn’t hang it properly and it ended up all tangled up on its fishing line est. None the less I still managed to sort of save a few bunches of grapes by placing a few plastic bags with little holes on a few of them. It worked some what since now when they got close to fully ripening but the insects started to have a go at them.
I had to pick them more sooner then I would have liked to.
Next year I’m going to stick those plastic bottles (the kinds used for water)with the tops cut off on to the bunches of grapes with the plastic bags. Maybe that’ll work.

Oh yeah the author and now friend has asked me to post this for any one that is interested and looking for a adventurous and beautiful getaway, also here's the rest of those zoo animal pics. ;)