Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter every one, even if it’s a late one. Well maybe not too late for all those Orthodox Christians out there. For me it was a bit of an odd one. On my way to church, I noticed a basketball that some kid probably lost, all alone on the corner of a street a few blocks down from my house. I left it alone since there are lots of children in the neighbour hood that might of lost it. Thinking nothing of it I went to church and on with my day. One or two days later there it was on my yard. It was underneath my dad's trailer. Weird, it’s like it followed me home like a lost kitten or something. :o Clue in Twilight zone music. Haha. Oh and here’s a few pics of a surviving Easter egg a former neighbour gave us. It was one of three. I wanted to take pics of all of them but sadly some people have no restraint. Sigh. :p The eggs were naturally coloured using leaves, onionskin for the colouring and a silk stocking. Not exactly sure as to the exact colouring process. :\

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeaeee! Spring is here. Soon the colour white will disappear and the many colours of spring will take over. Just like my white sweater, which I had no choice but to colour red. It had a bunch of stains that I just couldn't get out. I already tried the colour remover but the stains just didn't budge. The stuff usually works and even worked with ancient stains too. Most annoying! Oh well, at least now I got a brand new looking sweater. I look better in red anyhow.
Speaking of spring, my doves seem to be in the mood as well and a bit ahead too. One of the male doves took to sitting in one of the large spider plants. I guess he saw the old eggs I threw in there earlier. I removed them and placed some fake ones when I found out. He's enough of a stinker as it is anyways. ;)
I'll show you the pics soon.