Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeaeee! Spring is here. Soon the colour white will disappear and the many colours of spring will take over. Just like my white sweater, which I had no choice but to colour red. It had a bunch of stains that I just couldn't get out. I already tried the colour remover but the stains just didn't budge. The stuff usually works and even worked with ancient stains too. Most annoying! Oh well, at least now I got a brand new looking sweater. I look better in red anyhow.
Speaking of spring, my doves seem to be in the mood as well and a bit ahead too. One of the male doves took to sitting in one of the large spider plants. I guess he saw the old eggs I threw in there earlier. I removed them and placed some fake ones when I found out. He's enough of a stinker as it is anyways. ;)
I'll show you the pics soon.

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