Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Peck and Yank dove toy.

Introducing a new toy just for doves.
The Peck and Yank dove toy. The toy for doves.
I needed something new for my doves to explore but store wise  there isn’t much of an option for doves or rather nothing at all. I guess doves and pigeons are seen as dumb birds nothing more then good for a prop in a magicians magic trick. But if a bird can have the intelligence to understand a trainers command, then they do have some smarts. In fact doves are just as inquisitive and curious like any other animal. Maybe not like a parrot but the dove does use its intelligence in its own way. I designed the toy for the doves natural way of exploring the world, the love of pecking at interesting objects, the need for some things  and testing other things.  I have things it can pull, jingle and peck at interesting colorful dots.  I avoided large areas of bright colour since this would be threatening to the doves.

Here is my youngest dove enjoying the act of exploring the new object. He was the first to try out the toy followed by the rest of the flock. I have a lot of doves. ;)

If you would like to make one your self for your doves and or possibly pigeons, the instructions are available at Instructables.com Eventually the instructions will be available at my web site as well but the hobby part of that web site is currently under renovation.  Till then you know where to get it. ;)