Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boggles my mind, really. Why in the world would some one try to leave viruses and hack in to my computer? Why waist your time, dude. There's nothing to see in my comp. Get a life. Use your computer skills for making money instead of the prospect of destroying. And I quote you are not going to make any money by sending me a virus and then hack. And that goes with people who try to send me those pop up ads too. You know the ones that try to hijack your windows massager and scare tact icing you in to buying some crap. GET A LIFE! Go and do something constructive in stead of something destructive!

Remember nothing to see on my comp dude! I do not feature any interesting numbers of any kind.
I repeat GET A LIFE!

"points butt to no lifer and lets it rip!"

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another hot day and I’m loving it. Watched my bird Pretty boy taking a nice long shower on the door of his cage. He’s outside for the summer in his outdoor cage incase you’re interested as to why he’s outside. I placed the leaking water gun on the roof of his cage and let the water drip off the roof and on to him. He likes it that way. I would too if I was a bird and I didn’t have a bathing area. Then again I love taking a bath and he doesn’t. I finished taking care of my many birds and decided to go inside and work on my web site. My new toy is working great despite the fact I can’t really use png files to show off my site. Oh well, I dealt with it and its really starting to look spiffy. I’m kind of worried though that the upload will be crazily long once I add more pages. I’m thinking and hoping that I could maybe upload certain hgml’s, so that the upload won’t take so long.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Humm no luck it seems when it comes to using pngs in using them the creation of a web site. Oh well. I'll just have to deal with it.

I tried several web page makers cause I really don't like dealing with html. To much eye strain and headache. I rather use my energies in creating illustrations and then some then dealing with crazy codes only to find that they don't work. Like I said I'v been trying a bunch of those programs and I found one that I really like. I didn't buy it right away cause I was hoping to find something at a cheaper price. so I went out today and bike down to my local mall and looked around. Instead I found lots of cheep programs at rip off prices and they were suppost to be on sale. It wasn't a total waist of time considering I got to maybe see something new and got my exercise. I was quite nice outside today for that too. Maybe a bit humid but I really like that kind of weather. So anyways I bought my favourite pick of a web page maker and I'm currently testing it now. Well I did test it before but only briefly. Its really great. Hear’s the link in case any one wants to check it out.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Glad they don't call these things diaries. Reminds me of diaria, (crap can't spell that) which is what most people are full of who take some things too seriously. ;)

Been try out this new program on my comp for the first time today. So far so good. I guess it just needs some training so that it gets use to how I like things on my computer.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Been browsing at the mall with my mom. I decided to come along cause what the heck it was a chance to see what’s new and I probably keep my mom happy by keeping her company. I personally didn't buy any thing. I really don't feel like spending money when I'm not really making any right now at the moment. Freelancing is a bit of a scary thing when you don't really have any one to ask for advice and that's why I'm taking so long to get out there and tell the world that yeah I'm good and here I am. I have fixed up my resume but I think I should make another one just for art jobs. I've also printed out a few of those guide line request postcards. So I'm kind of hoping that as well as getting some guide lines that some one will see that I would make a great illustrator or what ever for them. I guess should I choose to send some samples to some companies that I'm interested, I think that I should pretty much customize some illustration packages to send though the mail. But for cheaper options I should consider maybe posting my web site at some of those illustrator communities or what ever. But before that I'd still like to make improvements on my site and move it. I now have some nice ideas for really improving the look for most of the pages. I only have to make a few sketches in my book and pick the ones that I like and fix them up. I only wish as I said before that all these things that I'm working on wouldn't take me long to get around to finishing them. I really need to make some cash.