Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boggles my mind, really. Why in the world would some one try to leave viruses and hack in to my computer? Why waist your time, dude. There's nothing to see in my comp. Get a life. Use your computer skills for making money instead of the prospect of destroying. And I quote you are not going to make any money by sending me a virus and then hack. And that goes with people who try to send me those pop up ads too. You know the ones that try to hijack your windows massager and scare tact icing you in to buying some crap. GET A LIFE! Go and do something constructive in stead of something destructive!

Remember nothing to see on my comp dude! I do not feature any interesting numbers of any kind.
I repeat GET A LIFE!

"points butt to no lifer and lets it rip!"

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