Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its been awhile yeah I know, but that’s normal for me. As I probably said before I don't talk much. Its been awhile because I was busy with many things. For one thing I had to fix my computer and another reason was I was busy working on stuff to send to promising job/gigs. I finished that for now and I'm almost finished with designing invoices. I'm just not sure what to put in the part's for the copy rights and things that I wouldn't be responsible for in case things happen that would be out of my control. With a little research and some sleep and probably some praying, I'm sure I’ll put in the right answer.

Speaking of copyrighting, I was looking for some decent dingbats for the copyrighting but couldn't find it any where. Kind of frustrating considering that I couldn't even find my favourite forum for locating fonts. I tried this other one that I remembered of but its not as active as the other one I really liked. In the end I ended up finding some software to create my own set of fonts. Real cool since I now have my own custom set of fonts.

Other things that happened recently, last month in the park I saw something pretty amusing and you don't see that every day. I would have written about it sooner but I was like I said pretty busy. I was watching people playing soccer in the park which is right across from my house, there was this guy, for some reason and for what ever reason decided that it was ok to change near his van. Kind of interesting to see this guy butt naked and all changing in front of my eyes and maybe others at the soccer game. Yep the moon came out early that day. ;)

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