Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nothing sweeter
Made peach pie yesterday from the fresh peaches that came from our tree. Turned out really nice and really tasty. There's only one slice left so I'm probably going to make some more tomorrow. Its really a shame that the peaches don't really have enough time to be by them selves to fully ripen. It seems the birds, bees and mold get to them first, but I still manage. I just take the rotten side off and keep the good part. We really haven't had to much problem with worms. I only managed to find one and I gave that to one of my fish.

Today I did some searches to look for decent example for a contract to design for illustrators. The hull wasn't bad. I found some pretty good example to use. I'll probably pick and choose what I want in it. At the same time I came across some other samples of things like job jackets. I wonder if its just another form of invoices. I hope I don't have to change the ones I already have since I like the design one the ones I made. Besides I was going to make a separate art approval sheet just in case I would need one in the future. As for the invoices they're pretty much done except I'm not sure what I would put in the rights category part. But its no biggy. I still would like to get that book for illustrators business forms someplace. I wonder if that use book store that's opening very soon in my neighbourhood would possibly have it?

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