Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And now for something not completely different. ;)

As promised more pics.
I hope every one has had a non boring Christmas and hopefully a non drinking one at that.
As for me I've been hard at work at my old company making some extra cash so haven't had a whole lot of time online.
Hope every one has a great New year. We can all use some new hope.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Normally I don't do late night blogging but this is one of those rare times I guess. Not much to post about other then that I really should get around to posting those zoo pics I already promised. Got to drive to a few short destinations with out an experienced driver but I still had a back seat driver if you know what I mean. :p But that's ok. Also lots of odd things happening with the utilities lately, the satellite seems to be acting strange like it would in a storm but at the time there wasn't a cloud in the sky and still is but we are expecting some snow. The electric also bit odd and even went out last morning. We even lost our water on Friday but then it came back. So strange, could it be aliens? LOL

Not aliens but animals, enjoy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yeah, it’s been awhile again.
I do have some legitimate excuses though. First of all my old company I use to work for called me back for some work and on site. The girl who replaced me btw is the boss's niece. She was apparently in a car accident and got whiplash. She is going to therapy but that's none of my business. I really have no qualms about it and fact I was glad leaving and or not being there full time. After all who wants to be there all day and get gassed by poisonous fumes via airbrushing large balloons and get meagre pay for all your sacrifice, but its still good for some extra money part time work. But working there all day really takes all your energy out of you so at the end of the day all you want to do is take your shower, eat and go to bed.
Other then that, I finally passed that test. Yay! After the forth attempt, I finally nailed it and now I have a license to kill……well no not really. LOL

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wow that was fast. Earlier I had ordered these two books with the help of a gift card I earned with Air miles and the next week they're already here. And then come labour day I won some software at Ebay at an phenomenal price of around 61 dollars which would normally cost around 700 when new. How lucky is that. I so appreciate that since I really needed those things but I wasn't expecting to get them so fast. I guess when opportunity knocks, it knocks fast.

Unlike fish tanks, you should never knock on them. It gives the fish headaches. ;)

Monday, September 01, 2008

It’s been awhile I know. I spent most of August making peach jam from our tree, which had less peaches compared to last year. But because I didn't can any this year, we had just enough. Some thought maybe, too much. They got tired just watching me apparently and yet no one offered to at least help me prepare them. Turned out really nice n tasty. I had a combination of hard and soft jam but I prefer the soft more liquidly jam since its multi purpose. Good on ice cream, good on bread and yummy in desert. I gave a big jar of it to my favorite hairdresser who in turn gave me a jar of rich green pesto. A few weeks later I decided to try out the pesto in some pasta. I was unsure how this extremely green glop was going to taste like, but I have had weird things to eat and weirder looking food still so I thought what the heck. I cooked some pasta in the shape of shells and when that was done, I poured in half of the pesto and after mixing the now green pasta I took a taste. It really didn't taste like much but only looked ferociously green. So added some garlic powder, some margarine and some salt to taste. Did I mention it was green? I guess it was ok now. It was edible but my dad seemed to like it more then me. Most recently went to a green house and then a zoo. The green house is not what it use to be but is more of an arcade with lots of kid games and crappy imported souvenirs made from China. But there are still plenty traditional things you see and experience like the plants, organic food and the petting zoo, but it was better when my aunt came to Canada to visit. I took a few pics of the petting zoo so I’ll be posting you some little picture moments and yes even some of the zoo in the next few posts. As for today I enjoyed the last of the rotisserie barbequed chicken with my homemade stuffing. Every one seems to think it turned out really nice, hence the lack of leftovers. Darn, I’m hungry oh well. I hope every one had a nice n happy Labor day.
This poor gal wanted so much attention she would make such loud squawking and wing flaps to get us to come back.
This guy was looking for some lady fingers. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Before I forget, yet more belated spring pics. Should be the last group of these. Next up, my trip to a green house/petting zoo/cafeteria.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Man, after all that rain we've been having, and it was the rainiest June since the 60's. It seems we have loads of insects this year especially ants and mosquitoes. The carpenter ants have made them selves at home in our kitchen. You can see them running around on the counter. First one, then two then, fore more. Escorting them out the door doesn't seem to help either. Oh well, if you can't beat them, join them. I left them a small stick of honey on the counter and they seem to appreciate it. They haven't brought their wrath against us humans. Yet ;) I would rather only have a few ants on the counter then to bomb the whole house with unneeded poisons, and or have those long legged centipedes come and join me in the bathroom any day.

More belated spring pics.
A little behind on things. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada. I hope every one had a pleasant one today. I really need to make some Canada themed art work in the future. Any how, mostly spent it working on some artwork in my dungeon like basement. I took a few pics but I sort of have to crop some things out before I show them off a bit. You can check out the latest stuff I'm working out in my Creative blog. Just go to the link in the scrolling events. In the mean time please enjoy these belated spring pics of Blue wasteria vines. LOL

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When it rains out today the snails all come out to play.

Careful, don't step on them, fore they are having tea. ;) :p
Actually I think they have something else on their mind. ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thought I make a comic based on one of my cartoons. I'll probably make more in the future. I'm posting it in here since I would imagine more people visit in here. Not sure why but I feel like putting it in here that's why. To see more on my character, visit my site and look under character designs est. I will eventually post my short that I did a few years ago, but for now....Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One step forward 2 steps back

Great news, my small illustrations got accepted at this one illustration place. Yay and that means I’ll be making some much needed cash.

Bad news, my little baby doves died. Sigh….. :( I suspect it was because it might have been the cold night we had yesterday. I found them squashed in the nest, with one of them barely alive. Probably the male as usual tried to keep the other doves out other then his favorite female but then I guess he gave up. They were so close to coming out of the nest, just opened their eyes and had already grown some of their feathers. Sigh….. what can you do. :`(

I think next time I’m in that situation I’ll try to find the surrogate dove parents their own place and hopefully they can succeed.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The fruit thats says I love you, that is, if you had some one to give it to. I found this weird strawberry a few nights ago while fixing my self a fruity bowl of cut up strawberry's for a snack.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh Baby!

The parent doves near my mom's bathroom window successfully raised a family, which has since flown the coop. I still see them occasionally in the bushes below.

Another successful family of baby doves was raised in the front nest. Mom or dad is close by waiting for the opportunity to feed them.
I think they're just about ready to leave the nest.

The third nest closest to my summer doves cage was unsuccessful. Well almost.
I think what happened was he or she lost he or she's mate so was left to fend for its self and the nest.
He/she eventually got off the nest to feed and I thought would never come back. I haven't seen it all day so I thought the nest was abandon. The eggs were intact, so I took the eggs and let my own doves give it a try. I thought " what the heck its worth a try. They sat on them with no problems. I heard that the dove might have come back, but for me to put the eggs back, it was too late.
A few weeks passed and to my surprise they both hatched a few days ago.
So far so good. The babies are currently healthy and are feeding great. The babies seem to be getting allot of attention from the rest of the doves so much so its really upsetting my main boy Mr tangerine. I put him in charge since he is the best and most experienced at those sort of things. I hope that the babies will continue to be healthy and grow so that eventually I can let them go. In the meant time, I shall not touch them as much in order to keep them wild.
I'll try to take some nice pics.
As for the robin nesting near the garage, still sitting :D .............

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some lovely pics of white magnolias taken just a few weeks ago from my mom's window.
If you look closely you can see a female cardinal in a tree. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Hear a nest, there a nest, every where a coo, coo, chirp!"

Wow everywhere I look on the yard this year there are nests. Looks like there are about 3 doves nests and one robin nest as well, not counting the sparrow ones. I guess some bird spread the word on how bird friendly are yard is. And who would blame them, it has water, constant sources of food and plenty of hiding places that's pretty sheltered from the wind but apparently not enough nesting spots. Kind of like a mall with a lack of parking spaces. LOL

Looks like our resident robin came back from his vacation down south. This time he built his nest above our garage on a grape vine.

Some doves took over the old nest out front where our resident robin made a nest last year.

Then there the dove couple that made a nest near my mom's bathroom window.

Last but not least, theres the one near the summer cages for my doves. She is nesting on the honey suckle tarris on some grape vines. You can see her head just peaking from above the whole mess. :D

I hope the nest time I can get some pics of the babies with out scaring them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Looks like one of the female doves has joined the nest party.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One of my male doves decided that a potted spider plant makes a great nest.
I might have given him the idea for that since that's where I threw in the old eggs.
I replaced those and gave him some fake ones.
I usually make the fake ones out of clay but these ones are made out of some small Easter eggs.