Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Hear a nest, there a nest, every where a coo, coo, chirp!"

Wow everywhere I look on the yard this year there are nests. Looks like there are about 3 doves nests and one robin nest as well, not counting the sparrow ones. I guess some bird spread the word on how bird friendly are yard is. And who would blame them, it has water, constant sources of food and plenty of hiding places that's pretty sheltered from the wind but apparently not enough nesting spots. Kind of like a mall with a lack of parking spaces. LOL

Looks like our resident robin came back from his vacation down south. This time he built his nest above our garage on a grape vine.

Some doves took over the old nest out front where our resident robin made a nest last year.

Then there the dove couple that made a nest near my mom's bathroom window.

Last but not least, theres the one near the summer cages for my doves. She is nesting on the honey suckle tarris on some grape vines. You can see her head just peaking from above the whole mess. :D

I hope the nest time I can get some pics of the babies with out scaring them.


Anonymous said...

It must be just lovely having all those birds about. I love birds, but can't keep them about much considering I haven't a yard (apartment life) and if I did, our kitties would likely want them for dinner (not that some of our kitties would know what to do with one if they caught it). Enjoy the birdsong!

K_tigress said...

You could always put out a feeder on the balcony, providing that you have one and if you have permission.
My kitties were pretty good, they knew to stay away from my birds. But on occasion they would catch baby rabbits and bring them in to the house with out a scratch. But mice were another matter. The mice were always history. They were smart enough to know we didn't want those around.

Sharon said...

I'm jealous... I don't have any nests around my house or at least that I can see.

How much fun it must be to watch them.