Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Mud pie in the sky

This is a mud pie you can actually eat, minus the worms and other nasty surprises you find in soil. Unless you're one of those fat-a phoebes or a little sugar sends you in a tizzy. You only live once people. Remember that. 
Anyways its based on a traditional mud pie called Mississippi mud pie.
You can get the traditional recipe here. Its great for parties but a bit much for small families but well worth it if you still decide to make it. 
So I made my own mini version with slight differences. Here's how I made my own version in case you're curious.

You need half a softened or room temperature cream cheese.
One shortbread cookie ready made pie crust. Like the Keebler elf brand pie crusts.
Two packets of Ready whip cream or other brand.
Vanilla extract which will go in to the Ready whip
One package of chocolate pudding.
Nuttella or some other brand of choco-hazelnut spread.
Some walnut meat about ¼ chopped if desired
Some walnut meat for decoration if desired.
Some chocolate syrup or powder or what ever else chocolate you can use for decoration on top if desired.

Prepare one whipped cream packet to the instructions. Whip the product till it has peeks.
Place half of the whip cream in with the half cream cheese and whip until blended.
Place in pie.
Prepare the chocolate pudding. Place the dry mix in to a bowl with a generous tablespoon full of that hazelnut spread. Add some milk. But instead of using the traditional two cups of milk, use only 1 and ½ cup milk. Its going in to a pie after all.
Place the pudding in to the fridge and in the mean time prepare the other whipped topping to the instructions. At this point you can mix that one with the other whipped topping you made earlier. Again till peaks form. Place aside till you are ready for it.
Take those chopped nuts and first sprinkle on top of the cream cheese/ whipped topping mixture. Normally the nuts go in to the pie crust but since this is obviously a pre-made crust, you make a compromise.
On top of that add the chocolate pudding mixture.
On top of that add the whipped topping.
Decorate if desired with walnuts and some kind of chocolate.
Here I used chocolate syrup stripes but traditionally people just sprinkle a bit of powdered chocolate on top normally used for making hot chocolate.
Place the pie in the fridge so it as time to set or wait and serve it after supper.

I made another just a few weeks ago. 

Yum! :D