Thursday, May 22, 2014

The little thieves.

I caught these little thieves as usual stealing from the birds and sometimes from me.
Every time I take care of my birds needs I always leave a little something for the wild birds too. But these little squirrels seem to think I'm also doing it for them. I've even tried to place the birds share of seeds in to a bunch of little piles all over the back yard cobble stone. Thinking that it'll give the birds a chance to eat at one spot while the greedy furry fella or felon as I like to refer to him, pigs out on another spot. But that didn't last long since he invited his friends to the seedy feast. Time for a new strategy. Its no wonder scientists use his rodent brother, the rat in their experiments.

As from stealing from me, they're out of luck this time. Its time to put our poor peach tree out of its misery. Even the little not so old tree bit the bucket. Guess winter was a bit much even for those two. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just in time magnolia blossoms

And we went backwards with spring, in terms of weather but I guess every once in awhile a year has these disappointing below normal temps. Oh yes you have noticed there are some on time perfectly appropriate pics for the season. For once I'm not showing leftovers. ;)

I shot some nice white magnolia blossoms before the wind totally knocked them over for another season, for reference of course. I already have a bunch of lovely shots of tree fulls of them I made a few years ago. Despite the fact I shot those on a cloudy day, the pics still really look impressive.
Sometimes taking pics on a sunny days is overrated any how. 

Sorry for showing my hands but it was a windy day after all.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

The thing under the bed.

There's a Meetso under the bed.
I took this pic in the last few weeks of winter. But lucky for you no more looking at snow this year.
It was getting to the point where we had storm after storm and poor Meetso couldn't go out at night and have some fun. But then I wasn't going out much either other then to help clean out the snow. It was just too cold for walks any how so Meetso and I were starting to get a bit of cabin fever.
Meetso was acting in a crazy kitty playful mood one night. So he went about playing with his pompoms toy mice and dragging him self under the bed. It was a picture perfect moment to get these really cute shots.
Well as you know when you take pictures of kitties, like humans that get red eyes in shots I get the shiny green kitty eyes in Meetso. Got rid of those and flipped the pics over so you can see his cuteness.

Flipped over and fixed.