Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Meetso in the fur

Just some ravenously hansom pics of Meetso taken last year in late spring I think. As you can see he still had not shed his lovely fur off for the summer. 

Oh a small progress report. Still lots of bush hacking to do, pulling of ivy vines, pulling of butter cup weeds to do and not to mention pull out all that grass around the pond too. Besides I don't think Meetso can really enjoy that overgrown tall grass anyways. I'm also thinking of now hacking that overgrown bush near my bedroom window in half because of a incident of a peeping tom last night. I don't know what those guys get for disturbing my evening anyways. 1. He can't see anything anyways. So what is the point of knocking on the wall? Practical joke? Really no point and not funny. Also stupid. next house he does that could involve a gun pointing at him. He should really consider that. Get a life dude! 
Oh did I mention I broke a tooth? Yeah I broke a tooth on an already cracked tooth one of 2 a few years ago by eating something stupid. So now I have to make an appointment or two to get it crowned and oh yeah my gum cut. Yup gum cut cause the tooth as in molar is a bit short so they can to get at the problem area. Fun. 😿
Oh and yeah getting my hair done tomorrow too. For awhile at least I'll look like a different human. 
Actually going to look more like my kitty besty friend Meetso. 😺

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The better frog pics

I have some more frog pics taken last year. Better ones this time. And oh yeah long time no see. 
But it seems that our resident frogs decided to leave us. Why? Who knows. It could have been because it was really wet this year which gave them more leeway for choices. But then again, maybe I was a bit too nosy taking a peak at their goings on every day and sometimes several times during the day. I would be annoyed too. But then they are frogs we're talking about. Maybe they didn't like the over growth of the butter cups. If you don't know what those are, there really obnoxious but deadly beautiful flower weeds. They have a bad habit of establishing and taking over every part of your yard. Oh yeah they're poisonous too. They are known to make cows blind after they ate some. Just like the other problem we have, we also have an annoying English ivy problem. That is another issue. Anyways in the end who knows why the frogs left. I really hope they come back. I really enjoyed the enhanced and added pleasant atmosphere they brought to the pond. Maybe we'll have others that will come. 😾

Monday, February 27, 2017

Frogs in the koi pond

Yes! Only a few more weeks till spring and Feb is just about done. 
In the mean time enjoy these pics from last year I took of some green/bronze frogs that decided to spend the good seasons in our pond. I hope they comeback again this season. Last year it really was a banner year for them because we never had so many in one small pond. Only one of them I think actually did the singing. But we did have many babies as a result. I didn't see any of the tadpoles though.  They sound a bit like someone strumming on a rubber band affixed to a cardboard box. Reminds me of an old lady talking on a phone. Go and look it up. Pretty freaky when you first hear them.  

Its a bit difficult to see but if you look in the corner you can see a frog in each pic.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ogling the bunny

More of last years pics, yeah I know. But then they're perfectly appropriate for this time of year even though we're technically still in winter. But hay its only a few months before spring. 
One day Meetso spotted his favorite subject matter. Nature and food television, only real life. Fresh rabbets happen to be one of his most favorite meals aside from smelts, tuna and shrimp. It was raining that day so you can just make out the gentle rain drops falling that the camera captured. So the lighting wasn't that great, but you can still make out all the things that were happening. 

Took a few quick pics of Meetso too. After awhile he kind of got annoyed of all the attention and wanted back in.  But then it could have been that the bunny decided to move on and then there's the rain. 
 That's our front yard on the corner of our street. A great place to find bunny's in their favourite territory. And no doubt probably lots of Pokemon Go too. 😉

 Till next time. Spring can't come fast enough.  😉😸