Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boy, what a difference half a year can make. LOL As I said yesterday I finished Illustrating that children’s book a few months ago and the resulting fruits of my labor were very pleasing to the author. I’m almost done with my “to do” list and since a few weeks ago I upgraded to a new internet service. What a difference. So far so good. It also helps to be wireless. No more annoying cords all over the place for people to trip on and or damage. I also mentioned that I finally got that long elusive package I was expecting in the mail. Who knew it would take that long. So I finally get to upgrade my photoshop.

Besides all that, this year no new peach jam. I guess hot and humid summers are not a good mix for peaches. It was mold and then the darn resident squirrel that did all the peaches in. It was bad enough that he was talking them and then he brings his family along for the feast too. A gray female and two little black kittens or what ever you call two little annoying black squirrels.

Oh and then there were the grapes. These are the kinds the kind that ripen just after my peaches. They’re these super sweet little green grapes with out seeds that are more on the yellow side if they get to that point. But nope. The resident robin that comes back to our house every year d
ecided that they were too delicious for us people to eat and would promptly get rid of them before we had to taste them.
He also brought his annoying family too. So I ended up making this fake hawk out of foam and p
aper, painted it up and my dad placed it just above the grape vine. Unfortunately it didn’t work since he didn’t hang it properly and it ended up all tangled up on its fishing line est. None the less I still managed to sort of save a few bunches of grapes by placing a few plastic bags with little holes on a few of them. It worked some what since now when they got close to fully ripening but the insects started to have a go at them.
I had to pick them more sooner then I would have liked to.
Next year I’m going to stick those plastic bottles (the kinds used for water)with the tops cut off on to the bunches of grapes with the plastic bags. Maybe that’ll work.

Oh yeah the author and now friend has asked me to post this for any one that is interested and looking for a adventurous and beautiful getaway, also here's the rest of those zoo animal pics. ;)