Friday, June 14, 2013

Another one of those update posts.

Yes its another one of those “things I have been up too“ posts.
Just finished that former blanket now quilt via up-cycling.
Going to have a really nice quilt this fall/winter cuddle season.  If there are any rips on any of the squares they should be easy to fix. 

 Also front.
                                                      Also the back.

For work, still currently hunting for a new gig after the other repeat gig was canceled due to medical reasons via client a few months ago. Definitely not easy hunting down a new antelope er gig.  Murphy’s law. I only seem to have invites for gigs when I’m currently working on an active gig. Why people why? So frustrating.

I also had my first sale at I sold a set of pompoms that can also be used as a cat toy. Downside can’t do it any more unless Fiver has or makes some policy changes to the “only for five dollars” thing. Just not worth sending it though the mail at above 7 dollars a pop. To make it worth my while I’ll have to charge and provide more of them to make it worth my while. In the mean time I’m selling seedlings of Mimosa, Chinese lantern tree and Wisteria vine there currently. Very beautiful flowering plants that can over winter quite well.  I’m thinking of selling my pompoms at for now. A really nice place very similar to, only Zibbet is free. You only pay a fee if you go premium and that will get you more stuff like more selling spots other then the standard 50 with the basic registering. Already at my little Zibbet store, so far have 2 other items for sale. A tie-dye tee-shirt that glows in the dark and features a breaching or splashing dolphin. I airbrushed and tie-dyed it my self a number of years ago. Really nice for outgoing people or kids. The other thing I have is a nautical style Christmas ball. It as a net like pattern I made with twine and real shells from Florida I personally dove for and then I painted little sea stars all over in random areas. Also very nice. Can be used as I intended as a ornament for the tree or some one who has this theme in their house.
None the less I will be making more things in the future for sale on Zibbet. Like more airbrushed tee shirts pompoms of course, some special toys I’ll airbrush. Some made by me other adapted. I also try other things as well. Bonus I’ll have some new artworks for my portfolio too. Might as well take advantage of many things like downtime, making money and PR.

Over all, the last few months have been crazy. Lots of things breaking down that need to get fixed. A shed roof, doors, an old van, my poor computer, a small ladder and now our main large screen TV.  No I won’t blame gremlins but old age and obsolescence. Not counting my computer of course. Apparently a video card went ca-bluy . I never even got the blue screen thingy. It just wouldn’t boot up one night before Victoria‘s day. But now all is well……..for now.

Things I will be working on soon. Hopefully a new gig, some of my own things, picking mulberries and making lots of jam. Maybe even pickling as well.

Hoping things will improve soon.
Need to stay positive.