Monday, July 30, 2007

Pretty typical of me not saying anything for a while but I'm back for a while or maybe not. Who knows? Any ways some of my recent highlights, a few weeks ago the family van broke down. We had that thing since 88. I kind of think it has seen its last road. It was as old as my cat that also recently died. Because we really needed a new ride we got one. A new black Buick with all the extras, like a years worth of GPS and 3 months worth of Sat radio. I'll probably take a few pic when I actually get around to it. My dad put the licence plate with my name on it on to the car. It’s really nice and all but I know it’s really not my car. If I could afford it mine would have been a cute Volkswagen Beetle, either a yellow or a green one. Of course I wouldn't mind a nice scooters, you know one of those Vespas you see in Europe. I saw a cute pink one a few years ago in a parking lot. But for the most part I would rather have a new kitty any day over any of these things.
But one thing that really upset me at the time and made me kind of depressed was that he said that it would probably be the last car he would ever purchase. :_( What a big downer to an otherwise supposedly happy experience. Kind of like adding salt to your jam instead of the sugar. He was always a bit of a downer for the most part.
Its no wonder why my mother went off the deep end like that several times in the past.

Any how, since its once again that time of the year when our peach tree is full of luscious peaches, its time to enjoy them. This year I tried my hand at canning and making jam out of them. I only hope that they turn out tasty and don't turn in to botchelisim. I'm pretty sure I sealed the jars OK I'm using a few of those old-fashioned jars with the flip top lid that later get sealed by means of that clamp. Can't wait to try that peach jam. I'm sure with in a few days, I'll probably be sick to my ears with them.

I opened a Cafepress store just for fun. Good for a side thing and still have to put up a few links to it. I have a few things in there and will add something else for Christmas since I already have it. I only hope people will be interested in my stuff.

Last but not least, went to a cat show yesterday. My first one. I only wish my mom was a bit more understanding since she sort of got me to go at an earlier time. Oh well I told her so. I only wanted to be there for a while like a half an hour but we ended up staying for hours. Totally unnecessary. Oh well, it was cool any ways since we got to see all kind of breeds, some of the judging and the souvenir venders. Pretty well disciplined cats if I do say so my self. I think the most interesting cats were the hairless ones and the Persian. The little white persians had eyes like owls. There was this black a white Scottish fold that reminded me of penguins. Sadly I was not able to take pictures since the room had low lighting and I try to avoid using the flash out of the respect of the animals.