Sunday, October 21, 2012

Animal crackers in my soup part2……

And now for the rest of those pics.

 Some penguins and their cage mates.
 Some more penguins and their cage mates.
 A sunning rhino
 A full grown tapir looking for stuff. 
A hidden tiger. Try to find it. 
Some zebras saying see ya later. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Animal crackers in my soup……

Nope no soup and no crackers but a lot of sub par but fun zoo pics I took several weeks ago on a 2 day weekday vacation if you want to call it that.

On the way home it was a real zoo on the highway on account of a accident some place further down the road and a real long ways at that. Then we had to take an hour or was that more, a detour somewhere in Chatham. It was bumper to bumper with long lines of trucks and a few unfortunate cars in between. We slowly snaked our way though the country side to our proper route to continue home. It was already dark by the time we got back on track. 

Now back to the pics. A two part-r.

 A dining butterfly
Some dining butterflys
  A very bored hippo in his little pond who swims and swims around in a circle pushing a moss covered log in his mouth.
  A group of goosie friends enjoying some nice grass before they fly south for the winter. 
You could hear their happy sounds as they gobbled up the sweet green zoo grass.
  An elephant, fresh out of its house and still with the chains on its feet. Why does an elephant need jewelry?
A very polite o-rang. This ape knows how to wipe her nose with a tissue. She has more manners then some humans. ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Did you ever have one of those d-oh! Moments?
A moment where D-oh! So that’s where that was and I could have taken care of this months ago? *face embarrassed* Could have avoided a whole lot of frustration.
Well it was months ago I was looking for a certain function at a certain site I have a membership at. No its not FaceBook. I don’t use that for many reasons. Anyways, I use this web site for certain services and I looked and looked in the dashboard as may of these sites call these areas of different personalized board functions and I could not find it to no avail. Finally found it today in a little teeny tiny place hidden away that you would never think to look at. Question is why do they have to do that? Ugh! That should be part of that “dash board” functions. Oh well, now I know.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Its a stretch

Its always a good time for a big stretch, to let out an occasional bit of gas after a catnap and to see what my human is up to.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look ma, made pickles!

Made garlic dill pickles for the first time ever last weekend. I used a recipe I found at I only hope its good and crunchy like a pickle should be.  The recipe was easy to follow and assembling every thing in to a jar or two was just as easy. Just that it was a little hard to determine when to remove the jar out of the boiling water since there were no real significant bubbles to let you know of a hard boil even though I had the temp up to where you would have an ideal proper boil. And yes I gave it some time as well. Guess I’ll have to find out if I did a good job in a few weeks when I open the small jar and give it a taste.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

To the watering hole

Sunday was a great day for Meetso to take a break from hunting in the great jungle that is our back yard and relax by our busy little watering hole. The water fall babbled while the light from a bright sunny day danced on the water's surface. The koi fish large and small frolicked in the water causing the new addition of water plants to move from their places. A spider's web hung like a shiny chandler just above the water probably constructed last night to catch supper for a spider.

After that I when in to the downstairs kitchen and made my last batch of strawberry jam for the year. I burnt half of my hand from a exploding jam jar. I had freshly boiled strawberry jam poured in to a jar and then when I went to screw the top on tight, it exploded on me and all over. I was burning in pain of course. So luckily I was very close to the sink. So I ran the cold water and placed my hand under the water. I then filled a near by pot with cold water and place my throbbing hand in that. Later my dad came down the stairs to see how my jam was progressing and saw me in my predicament. He handed me a ice pack from the near by freezer and I placed it in to the pot of water and stuck my hand in again. I held it there for at least 15 mins or more till the pain wasn’t that bad. Then next day things were back to normal. Thank God!. This is like the 3d time I had something searing hot fall on my skin. I healed quite quickly with no real residual effects.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberries on the brain.

Made another nice batch of strawberry jam just the other day and it turned out great.  I think this time it was a bit more soft which I like. But before that I went and picked some more mulberries from the front tree and park across the street.  There wasn’t much left. Kind of disappointing but still its just enough for two more batches of my strawberry jam. Might even have enough for a mixed berry pie if I make one in the future. I think last year there was a bumper crop of mulberries and that’s why there was weeks of picking. As for my peaches, I have a feeling there won’t be any. But maybe some but the squirrels are already picking the best ones even though there not ripe yet. My little jungle tiger needs to be a bit more diligent. Maybe just scare them away. He doesn’t need to eat them. I on the other hand may have second thoughts. I have heard that squirrels are quite tasty.

 Meetso my little jungle tiger watches from his favorite sleeping spot as I pic some mulberries.

 What's this I hear? A tasty toy and snack?

Yum, some tasty mulberries. Gift of the wild birds.  

 Looks a bit like Smurf berries. Don't you think?

Meetso is out of his jungle and out on his grassy plain. " I want a belly rub."

Friday, June 15, 2012

I smell like strawberries!.....

I made some strawberry jam today and boy am I exhausted. It wouldn’t have taken me all night had the counters and table been clean. Sadly no one bothers to help on conquering the filth and unorganization of the downstairs kitchenette/laundry room.  Took me twice as long to do stuff because of all the clean up I had to do. Eventually I got to cleaning and preparing the strawberries right after I cleaned some mulberries I had picked earlier. There wasn’t much in the way of mulberries but for the strawberry jam it was just the right amount.  So I finally finished one batch just before 10pm. Ugh! But at least it turned out alright. But I think it could have been better. I have a feeling its going to be a bit more solid that I would have liked.

Another pic of Meetso. I kind of hope to look all rested like that tomorrow when I get up.
I have yet to take a pic of him with his paws over his eyes looking all hammish. Its kind of difficult to do that since my camera is kind of old and the shutter speed is a bit slow for those kinds of cool shots.
Maybe by a freak of nature I’ll get a shot. 


Oh yeah here’s a new Make by me.
It’s a recipe I made my own based on a honey brand muffin recipe. Its called Stale Cereal Muffins.
I came up with the idea because there was a cereal that was just sitting in the pantry that I wasn’t too crazy eating as is with milk. So I thought I try making it in to a muffin since you can do that with regular brand cereal. So I tried it out and it came out really, really good. So I thought I share with you. 

Hope it turns out for you too. 

You can find the links at and my web site too.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Belated Meetso

   I was going to share these earlier but with all the craziness of stuff to do it just wasn’t possible. Now its just another type of craziness and catching up to do. So far I managed to get some clip art done, some spring cleaning but more to be done, gone out, checked countless emails, planted seeds, planted plants. 

  Still have to post a few posts in my blogs which I'm currently doing, finish some unfinished personal projects, work on other personal projects so I can have some new things in my portfolios, freshen up my web site since its looking a bit dated, make more clip art before the next paying project, make some jam and probably other things if I get the chance. Yup my plate is full. 

   Anyways these pics of Meetso were taken last fall. Meetso was in a real playful mood so I thought I catch some of his funny antics mostly playing among the blue wisteria. 
Batting some ribbon among the blue wisteria.^

 Meetso spots a morning dove near the water fall for the small koi pond. ^

 Meetso sniffing around for mice. Such a poser. ^

 Meetso looking down at the world. My favorite pic. I just love the colours and the pose. ^

 Looking all cute. ^

 Play with me, if you dare!.........^



  Last night he caught his forth bunny. Bad kitty! Although I admire his excellent hunting skills and it’s a great use for catching pests such as mice, squirrels and rats I would really love it if he leave the bunnies alone. Btw I usually catch those bunnies and let them go in a neighbors yard near a park when Meetso is not looking.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Time for a catch up and pic posting!

Playing catch up again.  Thought I post these up already. Its of the new baby doves that hatched during early summer. June that is. One is a male peach colourd, the other is a speckled with white female.
Sadly the female died recently after the holidays of the dreaded egg binding. I discovered the problem too late to really save it.  I tried cracking the egg and she seemed to improve for a while but the stress and probably the bacteria got to her.  Had I discovered the problem early on I would have saved her like I did with another female in the same situation.  The new male is happily wooing the females especially my one handicapped dove who can’t really walk but can fly just fine. He is always bringing her gifts of twigs for her favorite hanging nest, cooing and nuzzling her with affection. Its so cute.

My oldest dove who is about 30 years old is showing signs of sore joints mostly in winter. Going to have to figure out what natural thing I can feed him to make him more comfortable.

Going back to the pics, these were taken in June in their outdoor summer cage.

Female in the background while the male is in the front.