Friday, June 15, 2012

I smell like strawberries!.....

I made some strawberry jam today and boy am I exhausted. It wouldn’t have taken me all night had the counters and table been clean. Sadly no one bothers to help on conquering the filth and unorganization of the downstairs kitchenette/laundry room.  Took me twice as long to do stuff because of all the clean up I had to do. Eventually I got to cleaning and preparing the strawberries right after I cleaned some mulberries I had picked earlier. There wasn’t much in the way of mulberries but for the strawberry jam it was just the right amount.  So I finally finished one batch just before 10pm. Ugh! But at least it turned out alright. But I think it could have been better. I have a feeling its going to be a bit more solid that I would have liked.

Another pic of Meetso. I kind of hope to look all rested like that tomorrow when I get up.
I have yet to take a pic of him with his paws over his eyes looking all hammish. Its kind of difficult to do that since my camera is kind of old and the shutter speed is a bit slow for those kinds of cool shots.
Maybe by a freak of nature I’ll get a shot. 


Oh yeah here’s a new Make by me.
It’s a recipe I made my own based on a honey brand muffin recipe. Its called Stale Cereal Muffins.
I came up with the idea because there was a cereal that was just sitting in the pantry that I wasn’t too crazy eating as is with milk. So I thought I try making it in to a muffin since you can do that with regular brand cereal. So I tried it out and it came out really, really good. So I thought I share with you. 

Hope it turns out for you too. 

You can find the links at and my web site too.


Chelly said...

Wow those muffins look awesome. I downloaded the recipe and will certainly try. I always have so many cereal boxes just sitting there, so this is just the perfect recipe. Thanks for sharing Tina!

Mmm homemade jam. That's a skill I've yet to learn. I was thinking about it recently and now you've inspired me. Will have to give it a go.

I always enjoy your blog posts. :)

K_tigress said...

Well you're welcome. Glad its of some use. :D