Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberries on the brain.

Made another nice batch of strawberry jam just the other day and it turned out great.  I think this time it was a bit more soft which I like. But before that I went and picked some more mulberries from the front tree and park across the street.  There wasn’t much left. Kind of disappointing but still its just enough for two more batches of my strawberry jam. Might even have enough for a mixed berry pie if I make one in the future. I think last year there was a bumper crop of mulberries and that’s why there was weeks of picking. As for my peaches, I have a feeling there won’t be any. But maybe some but the squirrels are already picking the best ones even though there not ripe yet. My little jungle tiger needs to be a bit more diligent. Maybe just scare them away. He doesn’t need to eat them. I on the other hand may have second thoughts. I have heard that squirrels are quite tasty.

 Meetso my little jungle tiger watches from his favorite sleeping spot as I pic some mulberries.

 What's this I hear? A tasty toy and snack?

Yum, some tasty mulberries. Gift of the wild birds.  

 Looks a bit like Smurf berries. Don't you think?

Meetso is out of his jungle and out on his grassy plain. " I want a belly rub."

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