Sunday, March 29, 2009

And I'm back....... For now that is with all the March madness happening. Had a bunch of issues to take care of like my computer which is one of the reason you have heard less of me around. Had to get a new one. The old one was driving me crazy but of course the new one was doing the same thing with the learning curve as well. I still managed to get the old one to work for now since I thought my dad was going to use it but then he sort of chickened out as though it seems. I guess he's too proud to let me teach him the computer and internet basics. Maybe I'll try again this summer since were thinking of getting high speed though his phone company. Its a lot cheaper that way and hay its high speed internet. Can't wait. Getting my new computer not to mention again was also a real pain. First the sale service was less then stellar and then there was the expense. The price was actually pretty good for a 250 hard drive, x2 core, 4 gig computer but to me it was pricey. Oh well, at least I was able to pay it off. I only hope every thing is going to stay ok if you know what I mean, hence April fools. And now for some more pics.