Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not Taking Crap

Saw this sign last August on one of my walks. Pretty sure the sign was made by a lady. So I'm assuming it was. So lets just say this lady, was apparently tired of taking the crap from irresponsible owners and their dogs. I guess people kind of bagged the little steaming piles of stinky treasure after little darling dogs finished with their duties and then indiscriminately flung the little poo bags any which way. Kind of rude? Yep!
So the sign lady, again I don't know who this person is, even went as far as stapling some of the brown booty on the sign as to make a disgusting embellishment. I sure wouldn't touch those but then being cheesed off can make people do crazy things.
I'm pretty sure she'll put up the sign again like she did 2 years in a row. Hummm...

None the less this is some pretty funny crap.  :D