Monday, March 14, 2011

Well-p finally that mattress arrived. But not before waiting for a few more weeks. Boo to Teppermin's for over a month it took and I never even received any thing for free for the troubles.
Oh and the service was rather car sales man-ish too. I was also suppose to receive some cash back as well because of the original wrong order but where is that check in the mail?
Probably won't be shopping there again which is too bad since they had a lot of neat stuff.

Other then that still currently working on illustrating the book and oh I saved a little female sparrow several weeks ago. I found the little bird acting strange and flopping around the yard like it was drunk or something. It either hit its head on the window and or ate bad fermented seeds.
So I caught the little bird, which wasn't so hard to do, placed it in a cage outdoors with some food and water. It got loose several times since the chicken wire holes were a bit large and easy for the bird to come out of. But I guess the bird got the hint that I was trying to help it and after awhile it stayed put. Luckily it ate and slowly recovered. Then one day the bird was gone for good. I figured it recovered since there were no signs of it becoming a predator’s lunch. Over all it took 3 days to get out of that drunk like disorientation.