Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh yeah

I was looking out the window earlier today why'll drinking coffee and I notice the rock I buried my pet cockatiel Pretty boy under just a few months before. I know that birds like to sun them selves in the morning on it and they sometimes tend to leave things behind if you know what I mean. Well I guess either a dove or some robin was really being a Jackson Paulic and kind of enhanced the rock with a bit of artistic licence. You be the judge.

As you know I haven't been spending a whole lot of time on the net lately. Unfortunately I have been spending it as in life doing a whole lot of worrying about things. Well I can't help it and some how I still manage even if I'm sometimes just hanging on my rope. When I am online, its just checking up on things and just a bit of surfing. On a lighter note I found some cool things that were of special interest to me not to mention very helpful. That is software. Its from an open source and hopeful very useful. I think what I'll do is post the ones that I have already tried that I think are cool and useful that others might find useful as well.

Here's a nifty one that you might like and best of all its free.
Its called CamStudio and what it does it basically records what ever is currently on your computer screen. It has some nice controls as in you can adjust things like pan speed, it records in AVI or flash format and also records the sound just like you would here on the computer.
Its definitely a nice find for Window users. They might make it for Mac's as well but not sure but its cool none the less.