Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meetso in the snow

I promises this is the last set of snow related pics, well at least for this year. Can't promise for next year though. ;) Here we can see how high that crazy snow was piling up.  There was so much snow that after awhile it was really hard to clear a path to get around. It got to the point where there was even ice but someone in the family was too stubborn allow for salt to be spread in the area. So glad its all gone now replaced by green grass and spring flowers. Now if only it would warm up with the proper temps for this time of year. 

For some reason Meetso's tail seems to hide alot in these pics. Guess Meetso's tail is camera shy. ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A stunning pee break

A not so modest Meetso decided it was a great spot and time to take a pee break right in the snow.
It was again taken during the worse winters in a long time.
Guess he just started to tolerate the snow to not care any more whether he found a nice clean spot to take a leak.
Still a handsome boy even when peeing. What a guy. 

I'm too sexy for a toilet.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Time to play catch up again

Time to play catch up again. But that just the way it is, isn't it? When you're busy with things other less important things get tossed aside and get piled up. Nothing really interesting to say. Its more of the same old work of trying to make a bit of cash est so I won't bore you with that.

But please enjoy this pic of Meetso. It was taken sometime after Christmas and you can see one of those many storms we had during this long and harsh winter in the background.
I just had to take that pic since he looked so stunning, looking his best in his full fur coat.
Now of course its another story. Now its like having a small pet musk ox. No matter how much you comb the guy, you still get the fur tangling in the most annoying matted clumps. Going to have to start shaving him soon again. I guess there's a price to pay to look so stunning and warm in the cold months.