Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boy its been one those of the busiest summers in a long time and that’s not counting the current book project I’m currently working on. That’s priority number one. People and even one new friend pulling you in all directions. Its sort of like juggling a bunch of balls and you have to make sure you don’t exactly drop one because they happen to be eggs.

Anyways yeah been more busier then normal and have virtually no time to really be on line not even to do the little things. Well I am trying to write this latest blog and post it that’s an exception but haven’t really been diving in to the internet, just scanning it quickly among other things.

Only made one batch of strawberry jam and the rest of the local strawberries I had to freeze for future jam making when I can. Going to have to buy a few baskets of local peaches this year if I want to make jam out of that since those darn squirrels took every last peach off of our tree this year. Greedy little things and yet they still go and eat all of the bird seeds I leave out for the wild birds. I’ll probably freeze some of those peaches as well so that when I get the time I can jam with those as well.

Also have some personal things I’m trying to get over with since my mom has been really bugging me to do so. Yet another gorilla to get off my back but it also feels like beating a dead horse too. The personal things, well I really want to keep that between me my self and I because its well a bit embarrassing and it at the same time causes me much anxiety. But it does have to do with a test and the giver of the tests. Me and tests have never been friends. They are my enemy that I would rather shoot and avoid like a plague. Sort of going to the dentist and or doctor or any annoying thing.

Speaking of the dentist, that’s yet another thing I have to get over with but since I have all these things I had to postpone it. Not like I’m disappointed though. My teeth are in pretty good shape any how other then the cracked teeth I have as a result of eating extra hard roasted chestnuts I ate at one time. Haven’t had a cavity in years. Knock on wood.

My birds have been busy as usual and they ended up sneaking in a pair of fertile eggs under my radar. I didn’t catch them right away because of my business and anxiety over coming events. But because I found out too late I let them go. Now I have two healthy roly-poly babies so far. I just hope they don’t end up with splayed legs. That’s when the legs go all funny and they can’t walk like they should. Not fun for any one.

Last but not least I gained an new friend of the furry kind which is pretty unusual in its self. I thought I never see the day unless I got my own place. Yeah I still live with my parents and my dad has this quirky thing about him which make him hard to get him sometimes. But none the less he gave in I guess. The Meowy wheel gets the cat nip. LOL
Any how a few weeks ago well it was the last week of June on a Friday night my mom heard a noise outside. So I went outside to confirm it and find out what it was. It turned out to be a really loud kitten crying. It was apparently coming from across one of our neighbors yard and in the direction of the alleyway. I could have sworn that little kitty was caring a blow horn/mega phone or something cause that’s how loud the mew was. But boy does she have a strong voice box. So I called the little kitty and out she popped out from under some bushes. So yeah I get her and she’s all covered with leaves, burrs and some dirt. So we tried to take her in but she meowed all night in the house so at some point I had to place her back out side. We also had to explain with the neighbors but they seem to be understanding about all the noise. Luckily she still hung around and now we still have her.
So we brought her back in and then she finally quieted down. She still mewing loudly even when I gave her some food I had lying around. LOL It was the funniest thing and at the same time the most pitiful thing you herd.

I kepped an eye out for lost ads at the store and what not but didn’t see any. So since my dad gave in, we as in mom and I got to keep her or is that a he. I still can’t decide since its still sort of hard to know for sure. One the genital aria is small since she still a kitten and also she’s a long hair. So for now she’s a she unless I find out otherwise. She has long hair as I said and has both stripes, spots and is white and orange. On her back legs it looks like she wearing orange striped leg warmers which makes perfect since she’s a real jumper when she plays and looks like she’s dancing. As for her name she’s called Meetsa. Not exactly spelt that way but for your benefit spelt like that on purpose. To me she looks like a butter scotch sundae so I probably would have called her with that relation or many other names I have in my mind but this time it was my moms turn. In my parents language Meetsa is a common name meaning Kitty. So if Meetsa ends up being a male all I have to do is change it to Meetso. No problem. Now I don’t know the exact history of little Meetsa, but to me someone had to have abandoned her. Their lose.

She’s a great and really smart kitty. Sometimes intelligence can get Meetsa in to trouble so I always have to ware her out with playing with her so I had to change my whole schedule just for her. LOL But she is totally worth it. Oh and she follows me around all over the place like a little puppy dog. Makes it easer to keep her where I want her for her safety. Also she loves to go below my butt when I squat, like a chick to a mother hen. I'm not sure why she/he does that but its so cute. Anyways here’s a few pics of her in all her or his beauty. I love to get a few pics where she has her mouth open or in some funny antic. 

The following are pics taken in the first week we got Meetsa before the dreaded bath. 

These were taken a few weeks ago while Meetsa was in her favorite spot for bird watching. 

I think the last one makes her look like a sphinx statue don't you think?


Friday, May 27, 2011

Ok, lets play catch up. Wanted to post about these awhile back but you know when you’re busy you just can’t.
This first one was meant to be posted sometime in April.

That darn egg man
I feel I need to get this off my chest. Not as teed off as I was a few days ago but none the less.
Last Friday my mother and I were on our way home walking after taking care of some errands.
We were walking home minding our business and out of no ware some jerks in a van thought it would be funny to throw an egg at one of us. Unfortunately who ever threw that egg threw it pretty hard that the force hit my mom’s shoulder, it then luckily bounced off of her shoulder and flew at the telephone pole that was just in front near our garage and got smashed. Now my mom sports a nice sore and now probably bruised shoulder. Thanks a bunch, losers. I would call you chicken but that would be too good of a word since chickens are too smart for you. At least chickens are smart enough to know that you either eat eggs or you sit on them. No, the only word that’s good enough for them is coward and losers. My mom takes medications and this practical joke does not help her. What if she really had some kind of heart and or other inflammation issues that might affect the brain in some stroke way?

Luckily I have a photographic memory since I’m an artist after all and memorized the back of their van. It was an older model van. The back window had lines on them. There was lots of chrome that surrounded things and the colour of the paint was a cream colour. Sort of like a beige with a bit of peach. Like a skin colour. Next time I will memorize the license plate. I also believe they live some place in the neighborhood since every so often the houses get egged. On my next walk I will look more carefully.

Over all yeah ha, ha, I know it’s a joke but its no joke when it hurts some one.
Also I know what its like to be severally bullied as a child so who ever did that better be ware.

Still over all I hope that the guy who thought it was funny to waste food like that, gets in to a situation and finally earns some smidgen of an IQ point. Maybe instead of using his so called skill for causing trouble, he might want to instead use it for playing baseball or go to comedy school and actually learn how to be funny.

*steps off of soap box*

Just a crazy quote I came up with at the time with all the disasters and rain at the time. 

Radiated "April" showers "May" bring mutant man eating flowers.

This one was suppose to be posted the other night.

Fudged the fudge.
Well I’m a bit teed off with my self. I already had one of those days where the whole world just irritates me to no end. Well I just found out that you should never make certain things when you’re upset since there’s no real way of it still turning out even if you goofed on the amount of ingredients for a dessert.
To cut to the point, I fudged making fudge. I added too much evaporated milk since I was distracted and did not pay attention. Well I ended up with goopy fudge and there was no really way if fixing that mess since I already tried doing so. I gave up trying to make a dessert that you can pick up with your fingers and put the mess back in to the freezer. I think tomorrow I’ll reclaimed it and make it in to an ice cream topping which is what I should have done in the first place. Sigh…………

And now we’re done.
Still have to find the time to turn that fudgy mess in to some nice ice cream topping.
The work never ends. Kind of like these storms not to mention the cold. The cold air bothers me more. The rain, not so much.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well-p finally that mattress arrived. But not before waiting for a few more weeks. Boo to Teppermin's for over a month it took and I never even received any thing for free for the troubles.
Oh and the service was rather car sales man-ish too. I was also suppose to receive some cash back as well because of the original wrong order but where is that check in the mail?
Probably won't be shopping there again which is too bad since they had a lot of neat stuff.

Other then that still currently working on illustrating the book and oh I saved a little female sparrow several weeks ago. I found the little bird acting strange and flopping around the yard like it was drunk or something. It either hit its head on the window and or ate bad fermented seeds.
So I caught the little bird, which wasn't so hard to do, placed it in a cage outdoors with some food and water. It got loose several times since the chicken wire holes were a bit large and easy for the bird to come out of. But I guess the bird got the hint that I was trying to help it and after awhile it stayed put. Luckily it ate and slowly recovered. Then one day the bird was gone for good. I figured it recovered since there were no signs of it becoming a predator’s lunch. Over all it took 3 days to get out of that drunk like disorientation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been rather busy with working on another book in the same line of Sunny the lion cat, some vector art work and a bunch of other things. But since I'm in between things like waiting for my new mattress which was suppose to come last week but had to send it back since it was the wrong size, I like to introduce a neat little forum for fellow localvoures. Right now it only features three local areas in Ontario but with more interest it has the ability to extend possibly at your request. Its a perfect place to share all kinds of helpful information and beyond which can be most important to the people living in around your neighborhood. It has a nice family feel to the whole place.
New people are always welcome.

And the mattress, well I really hope I get the right one this week or else, I'm going t be one cranky kitty who didn't get that proper beauty sleep. ;)