Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been rather busy with working on another book in the same line of Sunny the lion cat, some vector art work and a bunch of other things. But since I'm in between things like waiting for my new mattress which was suppose to come last week but had to send it back since it was the wrong size, I like to introduce a neat little forum for fellow localvoures. http://www.wannaknow.ca/ Right now it only features three local areas in Ontario but with more interest it has the ability to extend possibly at your request. Its a perfect place to share all kinds of helpful information and beyond which can be most important to the people living in around your neighborhood. It has a nice family feel to the whole place.
New people are always welcome.

And the mattress, well I really hope I get the right one this week or else, I'm going t be one cranky kitty who didn't get that proper beauty sleep. ;)

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