Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look ma, made pickles!

Made garlic dill pickles for the first time ever last weekend. I used a recipe I found at I only hope its good and crunchy like a pickle should be.  The recipe was easy to follow and assembling every thing in to a jar or two was just as easy. Just that it was a little hard to determine when to remove the jar out of the boiling water since there were no real significant bubbles to let you know of a hard boil even though I had the temp up to where you would have an ideal proper boil. And yes I gave it some time as well. Guess I’ll have to find out if I did a good job in a few weeks when I open the small jar and give it a taste.


Chelly said...

They look good Tina. It's fantastic that you make your own jams and pickles! I'm still trying to make cookies that don't come out like rocks. I did have success with peanut butter cookies recently. So now it's on to the biggie: chocolate chip cookies! :)

K_tigress said...

Hay thanks. Just won't know if the pickles are going to be any good till I open one of the two jars I experimented.

CC cookies no problem. A former class mate gave me this tip. Just take out the cookies at the earliest time recommended or even a minute or two earlier then that. Then you should have soft cookies. Just don't panic. Its alright if the cookies seem a bit raw.

Also make sure you have your oven rack you're using at the highest level since that can be a contributor factor of backing too much.