Friday, October 12, 2012

Animal crackers in my soup……

Nope no soup and no crackers but a lot of sub par but fun zoo pics I took several weeks ago on a 2 day weekday vacation if you want to call it that.

On the way home it was a real zoo on the highway on account of a accident some place further down the road and a real long ways at that. Then we had to take an hour or was that more, a detour somewhere in Chatham. It was bumper to bumper with long lines of trucks and a few unfortunate cars in between. We slowly snaked our way though the country side to our proper route to continue home. It was already dark by the time we got back on track. 

Now back to the pics. A two part-r.

 A dining butterfly
Some dining butterflys
  A very bored hippo in his little pond who swims and swims around in a circle pushing a moss covered log in his mouth.
  A group of goosie friends enjoying some nice grass before they fly south for the winter. 
You could hear their happy sounds as they gobbled up the sweet green zoo grass.
  An elephant, fresh out of its house and still with the chains on its feet. Why does an elephant need jewelry?
A very polite o-rang. This ape knows how to wipe her nose with a tissue. She has more manners then some humans. ;)

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Chelly said...

Love these zoo pics! I have to tell my friend Lara about your blog, especially these pics. She loves going to the zoo too. :)