Saturday, February 04, 2012

Time for a catch up and pic posting!

Playing catch up again.  Thought I post these up already. Its of the new baby doves that hatched during early summer. June that is. One is a male peach colourd, the other is a speckled with white female.
Sadly the female died recently after the holidays of the dreaded egg binding. I discovered the problem too late to really save it.  I tried cracking the egg and she seemed to improve for a while but the stress and probably the bacteria got to her.  Had I discovered the problem early on I would have saved her like I did with another female in the same situation.  The new male is happily wooing the females especially my one handicapped dove who can’t really walk but can fly just fine. He is always bringing her gifts of twigs for her favorite hanging nest, cooing and nuzzling her with affection. Its so cute.

My oldest dove who is about 30 years old is showing signs of sore joints mostly in winter. Going to have to figure out what natural thing I can feed him to make him more comfortable.

Going back to the pics, these were taken in June in their outdoor summer cage.

Female in the background while the male is in the front.

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