Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One of my male doves decided that a potted spider plant makes a great nest.
I might have given him the idea for that since that's where I threw in the old eggs.
I replaced those and gave him some fake ones.
I usually make the fake ones out of clay but these ones are made out of some small Easter eggs.


Sharon said...

I'm confused... the doves are nesting on fake eggs? I always thought doves were a little dense.

By the way good photos... how do you get so close to them?

K_tigress said...

LOL well you are right about them not being as intelligent as some birds but doves are creatures of habit and quite “lovie, dovie”. I only wish they were like that with their droppings as well. ;)
They do get their feeling hurt if I remove their eggs in front of them so I do it while they get something special. They know the eggs are fake, but I guess it’s kind of like when a small child has to have a teddy when they go to sleep.

As for my doves, mine are pretty tame. Some more skittish then others. Then there are some that see me as their mate. LOL That’s why I'm able to get so close to mine. All though, when doves, any doves are on the nest, they seem to go in to a zombie like state. Its like they will tolerate any thing in order to keep their nest safe.