Monday, September 01, 2008

It’s been awhile I know. I spent most of August making peach jam from our tree, which had less peaches compared to last year. But because I didn't can any this year, we had just enough. Some thought maybe, too much. They got tired just watching me apparently and yet no one offered to at least help me prepare them. Turned out really nice n tasty. I had a combination of hard and soft jam but I prefer the soft more liquidly jam since its multi purpose. Good on ice cream, good on bread and yummy in desert. I gave a big jar of it to my favorite hairdresser who in turn gave me a jar of rich green pesto. A few weeks later I decided to try out the pesto in some pasta. I was unsure how this extremely green glop was going to taste like, but I have had weird things to eat and weirder looking food still so I thought what the heck. I cooked some pasta in the shape of shells and when that was done, I poured in half of the pesto and after mixing the now green pasta I took a taste. It really didn't taste like much but only looked ferociously green. So added some garlic powder, some margarine and some salt to taste. Did I mention it was green? I guess it was ok now. It was edible but my dad seemed to like it more then me. Most recently went to a green house and then a zoo. The green house is not what it use to be but is more of an arcade with lots of kid games and crappy imported souvenirs made from China. But there are still plenty traditional things you see and experience like the plants, organic food and the petting zoo, but it was better when my aunt came to Canada to visit. I took a few pics of the petting zoo so I’ll be posting you some little picture moments and yes even some of the zoo in the next few posts. As for today I enjoyed the last of the rotisserie barbequed chicken with my homemade stuffing. Every one seems to think it turned out really nice, hence the lack of leftovers. Darn, I’m hungry oh well. I hope every one had a nice n happy Labor day.
This poor gal wanted so much attention she would make such loud squawking and wing flaps to get us to come back.
This guy was looking for some lady fingers. ;)


Sharon said...

Okay... now you're making me hungry. Peach jam sounds so good & I love pesto! Pesto should have tons of flavor so maybe your favorite hairdresser didn't put a lot of fresh garlic in it; who knows!

The parrot pics are cute! When you say lady fingers do you mean the cookies or do you actually mean lady fingers???

K_tigress said...

I think both LOL. I really think the parrot wanted a nice bite.