Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sometimes life is like dreams

Been staying away from the net a bit since there were threats of a new virus around. I was worried that my computer might catch it but then again my computer might have already updated that sort of security feature, so I guess I don't have to worry.

The only thing really worrying me right now is my cat. I think she was really showing her age in the last two days, either that or it might have been a sort of revenge. Who knows? I found her peeing on my stuff that was on the floor of my bedroom. As of right now I make sure I have no more clothes on the floor and she is now banned from the closet. I really love my cat and had her since 88. I really hate to see her go. I only hope that when it is her time to go that she will go in her sleep peacefully.

Over all its been pretty strange lately

On Friday, I was broiling some trout in the usual way with those nice sweet onion rings I usually stuff in to the cavity of the fish and I was looking out the window that looked out towards the park across the street and there was a tornado. Weird, kind of like the ones I see occasionally in my dreams. It wasn't a destructive kind though because it was only a dust devil. After all I wouldn't be making conversation here if that tornado happened to be destructive. It was pretty weird considering there was no wind that day. I guess it had something to do with the heat coming off the rocks and the cool air. Hummm

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