Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The only good kind of wars are;
Played on video games
In debates
I guess board games
Tug a war
The space race
Breaking a monopoly of a companies products

Inspired by the thoughts of wishful thinking.
I only wish that people would follow the things above instead of wars that involve killing and hatred. It would be nice if people would just compromise and get along not to mention think about the others feelings.

Anyways finished I think all I could think of that would make nice business forms. See other blog. Now I got to start to work on other things like my illustrations and moving more stuff into the other web site.

I also made another peach pie. Yum! I think I have just enough peaches for one more pie but I’m not sure if I will make another or the same one. I’m kind of sick of it. I also made a nice sea food pasta on Friday. It was pretty good but I should have tried the celery before I put it in cause it ended up tasting like the smell of tobacco if that makes any sense. :p Ack its late and now I made my self hungry. I only hope I can get some sleep even though I’m hungry. I refuse to eat any thing right now since I already brushed my teeth.
As I’m writing this, I’m listening to people talk on the radio talk about nano tech and how they could potentially send a very small package to another planet and it could jump start a new livable planet. I don’t like the conversation about how the nano thingy could be as small as a virus. It really scares me. Kind of reminds me something out of Star Trek. Yikes!

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