Monday, May 29, 2006

Another hot day and I’m loving it. Watched my bird Pretty boy taking a nice long shower on the door of his cage. He’s outside for the summer in his outdoor cage incase you’re interested as to why he’s outside. I placed the leaking water gun on the roof of his cage and let the water drip off the roof and on to him. He likes it that way. I would too if I was a bird and I didn’t have a bathing area. Then again I love taking a bath and he doesn’t. I finished taking care of my many birds and decided to go inside and work on my web site. My new toy is working great despite the fact I can’t really use png files to show off my site. Oh well, I dealt with it and its really starting to look spiffy. I’m kind of worried though that the upload will be crazily long once I add more pages. I’m thinking and hoping that I could maybe upload certain hgml’s, so that the upload won’t take so long.

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