Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Been browsing at the mall with my mom. I decided to come along cause what the heck it was a chance to see what’s new and I probably keep my mom happy by keeping her company. I personally didn't buy any thing. I really don't feel like spending money when I'm not really making any right now at the moment. Freelancing is a bit of a scary thing when you don't really have any one to ask for advice and that's why I'm taking so long to get out there and tell the world that yeah I'm good and here I am. I have fixed up my resume but I think I should make another one just for art jobs. I've also printed out a few of those guide line request postcards. So I'm kind of hoping that as well as getting some guide lines that some one will see that I would make a great illustrator or what ever for them. I guess should I choose to send some samples to some companies that I'm interested, I think that I should pretty much customize some illustration packages to send though the mail. But for cheaper options I should consider maybe posting my web site at some of those illustrator communities or what ever. But before that I'd still like to make improvements on my site and move it. I now have some nice ideas for really improving the look for most of the pages. I only have to make a few sketches in my book and pick the ones that I like and fix them up. I only wish as I said before that all these things that I'm working on wouldn't take me long to get around to finishing them. I really need to make some cash.

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