Friday, April 28, 2006

I found this really old iron patch I'm guessing from either the late 1970's or early 80's. It’s a Dig Em frog iron on patch in very good shape considering it was underneath a work desk for many years. Probably making friends with dust bunnies and other things. The only reason why I found it was at the time I was moving and my dad had some how moved the very heavy wood desk. I found a bunch of other stuff too like pieces of a game based on an old child hood cartoon called the Shirt Tails. I saved those pieces too. Anyhow I recently decided to take another look at the patch, which I keep in the dresser drawer in my bed room. Its pretty neat to think I still have this little thing from my child hood but it doesn’t really give my any memorable moments. So I'm thinking that I should maybe sell the thing on Ebay. Maybe it will click with some one else’s child hood memories or maybe some one may just want it for their collections. I just wonder what the thing is worth if worth any thing but memories. But from what I researched so far it seems pretty rare considering I haven't seen any thing like it online.

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