Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oooo its no fun having a headache.
One thing that was pretty interesting to me but maybe terrifying to others is that I had a little friend visited me today. He or she made a similar visit a few days ago walking along my fish tank one early morning, I guess looking to find some good eats. I know the fish in my tank was looking at this little guy and finding the little thing, good eats because the fish that has eyes bigger than his stomach, was trying to get at it though the tank.

Anyhow he or she made another visit today proceeded to investigate my computer and then me several times while I was updating my website. After awhile it kind of got annoying so I carefully picked the little thing up with a pad of paper and put it on my bed so it could go and bug my cat. Yeah I know that's sounds a bit crazy to some but I'm a person that thinks that every thing deserves a chance to live just so long as it doesn’t go on me while I'm sleeping or hanging in front of my face. I hate that. Oh my cat if your wondering is to old to be chasing things and was sleeping while the little guy was bugging her. She has cataracts any how and wouldn't see it to eat it any how.

If you haven't guessed already it was a pretty big jumping spider of the zebra kind. Kind of like a small tarantula. I was surprised to see it since the only place I've seen one of those was the paint studio at Dynamic displays. No, I'm not afraid of spiders but I do still have a healthy respect for them. Now those long legged centipedes are another matter. Yek I really don't like those.

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