Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Third post
Well it’s that time of the year and I really was hoping that they would forget. But they didn’t. I guess when it comes to money, they don’t. I really don’t like the dentist. I hate that chair, that stupid bib they put on you and the way that chair goes back, just so he can poke and prod your mouth. I take good care of my teeth so he really doesn’t find much other then a few areas of plaque. I do have a few cracks though so eventually I may have to get those capped. It really sucks though cause it means shelling out thousands for each tooth. :( I really hope he doesn’t yet ask me again about insurance. Do I look like I have insurance? First of all I’m laid off from my previous job. Secondly the job was crappy and did not provide us with those luxuries as insurance let alone a vacation. But I guess I have my vacation now. Har har. I really hope he also doesn’t ask me about that stupid mouth guard I’m suppose to ware at night cause I don’t. End of story, I’m not gunna. I can’t sleep with that dumb thing in my mouth. Try to imagine me a game boy in my mouth at night. That’s what it would feel like and probably taste too. Now if they actually came up with something that was as flexible as rubber but didn’t taste like that, it would be nice.

Oh yeah, my third post. If your reading this. I hope you don’t expect me write an epic and or write in fancy words, although, I may write like that occasionally but only when I’m in the mood. My blog is going to reflect my personality and the thoughts that go with it. I’m not going to act like something that I’m not. ;)

Oh BTW do you like my pic? It is me only I really don’t have pink hair. Yeah I’m in my 30’s only me and the rest of your family look 10 years younger then our actual age. Comes in handy in your later years. The lizard guy is a character I designed from a cartoon I made in late grade school early high school. Oh and that cat there is the last of my cats. Her name is missy and she’s about 20 years. Years earlier in 88 she had some kittens in my closet on my socks. They sure were cute. They were still alive up to just recently when they died of old age. I miss them very much.

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