Friday, May 26, 2006

Humm no luck it seems when it comes to using pngs in using them the creation of a web site. Oh well. I'll just have to deal with it.

I tried several web page makers cause I really don't like dealing with html. To much eye strain and headache. I rather use my energies in creating illustrations and then some then dealing with crazy codes only to find that they don't work. Like I said I'v been trying a bunch of those programs and I found one that I really like. I didn't buy it right away cause I was hoping to find something at a cheaper price. so I went out today and bike down to my local mall and looked around. Instead I found lots of cheep programs at rip off prices and they were suppost to be on sale. It wasn't a total waist of time considering I got to maybe see something new and got my exercise. I was quite nice outside today for that too. Maybe a bit humid but I really like that kind of weather. So anyways I bought my favourite pick of a web page maker and I'm currently testing it now. Well I did test it before but only briefly. Its really great. Hear’s the link in case any one wants to check it out.

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