Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh boy, another snow storm coming. Ha! did some kill the groundhog?
This cabin fever is getting to me.


Kota Bear said...

Nice.... Sorry to hear it's so endlessly chilly there.

I'll hunt down a new groundhog for you, how's that? See if we can get 'em to turn things around. Heck, it's still far colder here than it was this time last year. Things are starting to get so strange in nature.

Texas is still getting snow now and then.... my mom sent me a picture of a snow-covered parking lot taken just a week or so ago. It's creepy....

I hope things warm up soon!

K_tigress said...

Heh thanks. :)
Look like its going to warm up soon to at least in the 40's.
I really think the strange weather is a sign of an ice age and not global warming. It just seems to make more sense since the weather is iritic.